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The evolving story on Roman Catholics and Mr. Obama’s contraception policy

When the Obama administration put out the contraception payment rule, my first thought was that they had bitten off more than they can chew by assailing the Roman Catholic Church.  Regardless of your opinion of their church, you have to admit that the RCs have outlasted a whole lot of governments.

As the squabble rumbled on, I changed my mind and suspected that the contraception rule was a typical leftist operation.  They advance by finding a crack in the foundation and driving a wedge in it.  In this instance, a huge majority of American Catholics disobey their church’s doctrine on contraception.  Mr. Obama’s statist zealots know this.  To establish the supremacy of state authority over church authority, they issued a decree to divide parishioners against their church and forced Constitutional Conservatives to defend a matter of principle where we disagree with how the principle is being employed.  Doing this requires explaining things to Americans.  With the average American attention span shrinking to nanoseconds, that looked daunting.

While conservatives have been busy explaining all this, it’s begun to dawn on many of us that the administration proposal to “compromise” by exempting religious institutions is now evolving into a classic baseball play, a sacrifice fly.  They’ll give the enemy an easy out in exchange for scoring a winning run.  I honestly don’t think the administration is canny enough to have planned all this.  But that’s how it’s working out.  We all ran to the same side of the boat in defense of religious freedom, leaving economic freedom unattended.

To fix this, conservatives need to return to the basic principle of adjective-less liberty.  The administration wants control.  Instead of free Americans managing their own affairs, statists want to order everyone to do everything their way.  Never mind whether those affairs are religious, economic, or something else.  Conservatives should remind everyone that they’re about to trade their entire inheritance of liberty for a handful of birth control and abortion pills.

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