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OMG! OMG! What if the fundies are right?

Fox News has published an article from Shari Johnson on the subject of homosexual marriage.  Johnson says she held Christian views on the subject and that her mind was pretty much closed until her 37-year old daughter phoned one night to say that she was a lesbian.  Johnson then mentions Mark Driscoll’s recent article (also from Fox), “What the Bible Really Says About Sex,” and wonders aloud “who decides” such things as God’s design for marriage.

The answer is in the title of Driscoll’s article.  He was explaining what the Bible itself actually says.  And while Driscoll is a highly controversial speaker because of his occasionally raunchy pulpit language, he got it right on this subject.  Johnson relates the fact that she called a Christian friend who was in a similar situation with a child and asked how she could reconcile the Scriptures with her own daughter’s homosexuality.  The reply began with two very honest words, “I can’t.”

Thanks, friend of Shari, for that unusually refreshing bit of honesty. True enough, the Scriptures cannot be squared with homosexuality.

Johnson concludes her article with this question, “Two years ago, after 39 years as a Christian who thought she knew the meaning of the scriptures and the mind of God, I asked myself a serious, life-changing question. What if I’m wrong?

Okay, that’s not a bad question to ask.  Here’s one that also needs to be addressed squarely: What if the Christians are actually right about God’s opinion of homosexuality?

The answer to that question would put us back to studying the Bible and discovering some critical things:
1. God actually is against homosexuality. It’s a sin he’ll eventually judge.
2. But homosexuality, like any other sexual sin, is not the unpardonable sin.
3. God loves homosexual sinners just like he loves other sinners.
4. Because God loves them, he wants to liberate them from the shame, bondage, and degradation of sin.
5. God will save and forgive those who come to him through Christ.

The biggest problem for homosexuals in Our Time is the media-promoted movement to reclassify homosexuality as just another species of love. The basic argument has a veneer of plausibility because homosexuals are capable of being steadfast and committed to one another. But if it’s actually true that the Lord views homosexuality as a corruption of his created design (and he does), then being committed to that evil is no virtue. Besides, the logic of the argument fails. Mixing a virtue with a vice does not change the nature of the vice.

Any parent can sympathize with Ms. Johnson’s distress and disappointment with her daughter. She wanted the best for her kid, but her daughter grew up to be something she never wanted. Indeed, despite the relentless PeeCee promotion of homosexuality, I’ve never met a parent who wanted a child to become homosexual. Now that Johnson’s daughter is a middle-aged adult, it’s honestly getting a bit late to make big, life-correcting changes. But it’s better to face the truth as it is while beseeching God for his mercies than to hide our eyes from it and cherish false hopes that his mercies might not be needed after all.

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  1. As always, well said.

    Isn’t it interesting that Johnson, as many of us do, when confronted with sin first ask, how can I reconcile _____ with Scripture? We seek first to comfort ourselves rather than seeking first the Kingdom of God.

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