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Slaughter of the innocents

We’ve just passed the 39th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s low water mark for jurisprudence, Roe vs. Wade. As our preacher pointed out in church yesterday, America has now eliminated somewhere around 50 million unwanted kids. Numerically speaking, that’s the size of the Nazi Holocaust eight times over, a staggering amount of humanity that never drew a breath.

The wisest thing said about this by any of the GOP presidential candidates came from Ron Paul. Abortion arises from “the morals of the people,” and the law shifted to reflect those morals. When the morals of the people shift away from abortion, the laws will follow.

People’s morals don’t change in response to aggressive moralizing alone. Morals change when sinners come to know the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ. When that happens, you don’t have to worry about their views on abortion. They’ll be against it. So let’s get about the business of spreading the Gospel.

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