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ObamaCare and creeping tyranny

As reported in the Los Angeles Times, Christian organizations with health care insurance have one year to begin providing birth control for their participants… or else.  For Roman Catholics and a few other denominations, this is just flat-out unconscionable.  It’s long been a Roman Catholic doctrine that birth control is sinful.

The explanation provided by Kathleen Sebelius was that this order, “strikes the appropriate balance between respecting religious freedom and increasing access to important preventive services.”  This, of course, is a flat-out lie.  There is no balance.  There is only a government mandate with groups opposing birth control being 100 percent losers in the contest.  The bottom line is that the church has said for centuries, “Artificial contraception is evil,” and now along comes Barack Obama and his bureaucratic Brown Shirts saying, “Here’s the compromise: Pay for it.”

Prediction: This is only the first of many assaults yet to come upon Christianity via the Orwellian phrase, “health care.”  ObamaCare will soon have us all paying for abortions.  If that makes it past public rebellion, abortions will someday become required for certain situations.

It was disappointing to hear the GOP presidential candidates discussing ObamaCare in their most recent debate.  They all talked of repeal but also said it would be difficult — as if difficulty were an excuse for failure.  Romney promised to issue waivers to all the states so they can opt out.  Fine, waivers, no problem, do ’em on Day One.

But the contraception debate shows why repeal must be the only acceptable long term plan.  The way you succeed in repealing ObamaCare is by playing total hardball with Democrats just like they did when they rammed it through the Congress.

You prepare men for battle by reminding them that abortion is an act of violent bloodshed, and then you follow up by taking a no-compromise stance: The GOP controlled House of Representatives will allocate no money to any Democrat-controlled state for any purpose whatsoever until ObamaCare is repealed in toto.  Let the abortion-mongers howl.  Let them curse and swear.  Let them take to the airwaves calling conservatives every evil name.  But if the welfare checks stopped coming to their state, they would hoist the white flag.  Everyone knows this.  If the battle is worth fighting at all, and it is, then it is worth winning.  But as has been the case for all my years of observing American politics, the GOP simply lacks the courage to implement what it claims to believe in.

This is not a time in the history of the republic for weak knees and half measures.  Freedom is at stake.  Kathleen Sebelius has shown us what the future holds.  Wherever Christianity conflicts with ObamaCare, there will be an announcement of “compromise” followed by an order for the church to cave in totally.  The encroachments will not stop there.  They never do.

You have to ask why the Obama administration is doing this.  What do they have to gain?  Answer: They’re intent on making ObamaCare the signature historical achievement for this president.  As long as there are private institutions and companies that maintain their own health care plans, there will exist alternatives to the government plan, and those alternatives will always be superior.  How to eliminate the alternatives?  Impose conditions upon them that they can’t live with.  For religious institutions, you go after their religious convictions by making them pay for what conscience forbids.  For secular institutions, you go after their profitability by making them pay for things they cannot afford — such as children riding on their parents’ insurance until they’re middle aged.

The current administration is comprised of people who want a state-controlled economy, centrally planned, with themselves in the driver’s seat.  This cannot coexist with freedom.  The 2012 elections and the next two years will tell the tale on the American experiment and answer the question as to whether liberty can endure in a fallen world.

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