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Monthly Archives: November 2011

At last, a shale oil power plant! Oh, wait. It’s in Jordan


Jordan says they’re the world’s fourth largest holder of shale oil reserves. If you’re wondering who’s number one, why that’d be the United States which has more oil in shale than all the petroleum reserves in the Middle Eastern countries combined.  Our energy reserves truly are ginormous, gargantuan, humongous, or any other hokey size superlative […]

Turkey Pardon


Important intelligence update from not quite on the front lines of military service… by Ghost Writer I have recently been informed by a less than reliable source that a nefarious plot is afoot in our nation’s capital. It seems that the President, seeking a secure means of communication with CIA field agents scattered across the globe, has developed […]

Woo-oom, bump!


We were watching a movie with the kids late one night when we started hearing a rhythmic sound like woo-oom, bump!  Woo-oom, bump! Eventually one of the kids said, “Mama, what’s that sound?”  Mama was sure she didn’t know, but the woo-oom, bump! continued. Presently the outside motion detecting light came on, meaning somebody was […]

Revealing moment in the culture wars


By now you’re aware that El Presidente’ didn’t mention God in his brief Thanksgiving day speech.  He said he’d spend the day like a lot of Americans, “eating great food, watching a little football, and reflecting on how truly lucky we are.” I understand it’s like a wacky conspiracy theorist to read way too much […]

The budget committee’s big flop


No surprise, the bipartisan committee of congressional budget creatures came privately to the same impasse they’d come to publicly.  What follows is my completely unfounded speculation about both sides’ calculus leading to this failure. As things stand now, the budget deficit is about a tenth of the size of the whole economy.  If the Fed […]

Planting by the moon signs


People were filing out of our rural Georgia church when I casually asked one of the farmers when the correct time was to plant potatoes in the garden.  He answered mid-February but was shouted down mid sentence by his belligerent domestic affliction who said, “First full moon after the 14th of February!” He turned to […]

Premillennialism and government


There is much discussion these days among Christians about the proper role of government in the world.  I do a good deal of that myself at AVFTA.  What makes it interesting for many Christians is how this connects to the subject of end time prophecy. When people believe the church is commissioned to take over […]

Shameless linking


Boys will be boys.


American Thinker has thoughtlessly published this piece of crud from contributor Lauri Regan, a lawyer who says she was sexually harassed by a law professor who was subsequently nominated for the federal bench.  She draws the comparison to Herman Cain’s ongoing troubles with harassment allegations. The gist of Regan’s article is that men simply do […]

The Sandusky affair


The news media are getting a case of the vapors about Sandusky.  Is there a teachable moment forming?  Every Christian from sea to shining sea should say to the Secular Man:  What’s the meaning of all your huffing and puffing about Sandusky?  A guy raped a child… so what?  Other people knew about it and […]

Wanted by INTERPOL


by Ghost Writer One of the intangible benefits of military life is the opportunity to work with some very unique people. Recently an acquaintance of mine informed me of his intent to copy a few DVDs for some friends. Half-jokingly I advised him, “Be careful with that or INTERPOL’s gonna get you.” He gave me […]

Portrait story


by Ghost Writer Early last week I was doing some landscaping work for an old woman.  It was one of those beautiful afternoons that made Southern California famous, slight ocean breeze, mid 70s, clear sky.  My boss went inside, leaving me alone to finish up, and I soaked up the solitude. After an hour or […]