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Why I won’t be voting for Mitt

The American Thinker has posted a great article on what’s wrong with the GOP’s next-in-line candidate, Mitt Romney.  Quick summary: Romney is an unprincipled pol adept at making up words to entice unwary voters.  It’s a common charge against politicians that they’ll say whatever words are necessary to get elected.  This has been Romney’s history. There is absolutely, positively nothing trustworthy about Mr. Romney, politically speaking.  It’s all a focus-group tested entertainment road show designed not for the betterment of the nation, but to usher an ambitious, establishment guy into the White House.  The worst thing that can be said about Romney is that the GOP’s northeastern power establishment loves this guy.  They want him!  Under a Romney administration, you can be sure that nothing much will change in Washington.

The best quote in the article is derived from the pope who coined the phrase, “culture of life.”  That phrase is a lifesaver for politicians who yammer about “‘culture of life’ while shoveling money to the engines of death.”  This is the principal reason I won’t cast a vote for Mr. Romney.  His pro-life claims are not trustworthy.  I do not believe him when he claims pro-life convictions because he’s never taken any action within his authority to stop paying for abortions.  When Romney announces he’s been converted to Christ and has come to see abortion as murder, I’ll begin to believe he’s changed his mind.  Of course, the GOP establishment would instantly excrete him if he did that.

And while I’m on this subject, I must say that I really like Herman Cain’s good sense, his high “likeability” coefficient, his unpolished, straight-ahead speaking style, and his instincts for making big plans simple and clear.  But Mr. Cain is also tripping and stumbling over the abortion issue.  So, Mr. Cain, us Southern white conservative Christian redneck Tea Party racial bigots really, really like you.  But you’re going to need to get straight on the life issue if you want our votes.

My analysis of what’s going wrong on this issue:  Mr. Cain has said in the past he’s pro-life, and I tend to take him at his word. But Mr. Cain is also trying to win the libertarian vote.  Speaking in generalities, libertarians are determined to remain agnostic on the abortion issue and leave the matter in private hands.  Cain’s political instincts are in synch with this view, but his Christian instincts seem to recognize this as a serious conflict.  So he’s still trying to talk libertarian and Christian at the same time.  It won’t work because it cannot.  The most basic, fundamental job of government is to protect the innocent human lives under its authority.  A government that won’t do that is an evil, wicked execrable beast.  Libertarianism seeks to dodge the question, but the evasion is really just a surrender to the industrial scale slaughter of the unborn.  I will never knowingly cast a vote for a politician who cannot bring himself to oppose that.

Mr. Cain is not going to read AVFTA, but if he did, here’s what I’d advise.   Cain should frankly state that he believes unborn children are human beings deserving the protection of the law.  He should also acknowledge that the country has pretty much accepted Roe v. Wade as the way things are.  He should point out that the president doesn’t have the authority do much of anything about abortion except veto funding for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s number one engine of death.  He should therefore commit to that, telling his Christian base that he’ll oppose abortion where he can and telling his libertarian voters that he’s doing what they want, which is making abortion-seekers pay their own way.  Further, he should say that he will use the office of the presidency to nullify every last vestige of ObamaCare because it’s a vast usurpation of individual liberties, and in so doing, he will ensure that federal money won’t be spent for killing the unborn.

This solution wouldn’t satisfy everyone, but it would delight his libertarian voters while grudgingly satisfying his Christian voters.


  1. H K Reed

    I copied this into an email to the Herman Cain organization.


    Posted on 24-Oct-11 at 18:24 pm | Permalink
  2. Well maybe Herman will read and heed. Who knows? I might get a campaign job!

    Posted on 24-Oct-11 at 21:06 pm | Permalink

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