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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Made in China


The Xinhua on-line edition noted that China’s immense Three Gorges Dam reached its full power capacity today.  It’s a little over 8 GW, or roughly 11 million horsepower.  That’s about the size of eight large U.S. nuclear power plants.  You can read about it here. Can you imagine what it would take to build something […]

Because I said so…


I am the LORD your God: ye shall therefore sanctify yourselves, and ye shall be holy, for I am holy…   — Leviticus 11:44KJV Baptist Theologian Augustus Hopkins Strong often quoted from the poet Tennyson saying, “Right is right and wrong is wrong because God is God.”  This reflects a deeper understanding about the nature of […]

How to conceal a bigot


Apparently, the Democrats have us honky types all figured out.  The Southern white conservative Christian red neck racial bigots are supporting Herman Cain to camouflage their racism.  After all, what would be a better cover for a bigot than voting for the black guy just because he’s black? You have to wonder if people who […]

Why I won’t be voting for Mitt


The American Thinker has posted a great article on what’s wrong with the GOP’s next-in-line candidate, Mitt Romney.  Quick summary: Romney is an unprincipled pol adept at making up words to entice unwary voters.  It’s a common charge against politicians that they’ll say whatever words are necessary to get elected.  This has been Romney’s history. […]

Qadaffi, not a happy ending


If you’ve seen the cell phone video of Muammar Qadaffi’s capture in of Sirt, Libya, then you know the former despot of Libya was not accorded a peaceful passage out of this life.  Basically, the mob got him, did to him as they pleased, and they liked it very much, thank you.  Note his grinning […]



The Solyndra scandal tells you everything you need to know about green gadget energy: It cannot survive on its own.  Since it requires federal money to stay afloat, it aggressively spawns corruption.  The government orders people to build stuff nobody wants to buy.  With that as your business model, survival resides in the greasy palms […]

Bike guy


Back in college days, I was in my living room studying when my wife exited the front door and met a guy coming up the sidewalk.  He wanted to know if I was at home.  Yes, she told him, just knock.  She continued on, getting in the car and leaving for the miniature Wal-Mart in […]

Answered prayer means what?


Luke 18 records Christ speaking at length on prayer.  He described a widow seeking to get a wicked judge to satisfy her vengeance on an enemy.  The judge cared little for either God or man, but to keep from being pestered by the widow, he granted her request.  Jesus then said, “Hear what the unjust […]

The Book of Revelation


Nobody would dispute the fact that the Book of Revelation is mysterious.  With layer upon layer of symbolism, some readers feel at liberty make of it what they please. But when you gain some altitude and look at the general sweep of the book, a rational literary plot comes into easy focus.  The book starts […]

In and of


The Bible speaks of our being in the world and yet not of the world. The subtle shift in these short words speaks volumes about the character of the Christian life. Yes, we are in the world, meaning that we exist here physically and find no escape from its influence. Satan, the world system, and […]

Snuggling a porcupine


The biblical teaching about the return of Christ tends to focus our minds upon an event that takes place at a certain place and time.  So it’s natural for people to ask when it will occur.  In Paul’s second letter to his church at Thessalonica, he addressed this question when it surfaced in response to […]

Different sort of square peg


John the Baptist was quite popular early in his ministry.  But in less than two years, his popularity plunged to near zero.  When Herod’s men executed him, the Jews did not object at all.  They were glad to be rid of him, and Christ demanded to know why (Matt 11:7). Had they gone out in […]

A square peg the size of Gibraltar


It’s generally believed that Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians were among his first epistles.  Ordinarily I would say the Bible is the Word of God period, so I typically avoid arguments based on which letter of Paul was written first.  If that sort of argument appeals to you, see the writings of Cornelius Stam.  I’m […]

Can’t waterboard them? Then just kill them!


The Obama administration, pioneering new ways to make the Dubya administration look restrained, has declined to capture its terror suspects and torture them in Gitmo.  Instead, they just kill them right where they are. Let’s just say for the sake of argument that Anwar al Awlaki needed killing.  But the guy was American citizen. Even […]

Pursuit of sinners


The Pharisees uttered the famous “Gospel in a grumble” in Luke 15:2, “This man receives sinners and eats with them.”  Jesus responded with a series of stories as if to say, “And not only that…” In the first story he compared God to a shepherd who lost a sheep and left most of the herd […]