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London Hog Farm

The rioting in Britain has been interesting, not because no such things have ever happened before, but by way of the chattering classes’ reaction to it. What could be the root cause, they want to know? The idea that criminality is produced by the chatterers’ own nihilism hasn’t occurred to them.

But Christians warned of society’s disintegration when the West’s intellectual vanguard determined they had outgrown the Gospel. Christ and the Ten Commandments vanished from schools in Great Britain and America, and civilization, which resides principally in people’s hearts, went with them. Thus saith Darwin, thou naked ape, and amen, quoth Huxley.

So the kids in Britain are behaving like naked apes, and the only people surprised by this are the elites who told us God isn’t great and religion poisons everything. America is just an incident or two away from the same Anglo-Bacchanalian insanity breaking out here.

In an interview aired on NPR Wednesday night, a British journalist noted that the root causes of the rioting had nothing to do with poverty or unemployment. He was astonied that many of the kids being hustled into police stations had full bellies, decent clothes, jobs, cars, cell phones, I-pods, Blackberries, and all the tech perquisites of prosperous, middle class society. He noted that in his journalistic career he’d traveled the globe for forty years and had seen true hopelessness in the faces of starving people. But how could such obviously prosperous people be without hope? He had always regarded Britain as being the most polite, most civilized place on Earth. As he expressed it, he carried an “idyll of England in his back pocket” as he traveled the world.

Now his idyll smells like a commercial hog farm. America is no better off. And, as in England so here, the only people who still carry the American idyll in their back pockets are the elitists who deployed their considerable intelligence to raise an army of cultural manure spreaders slinging unbelief and nihilism everywhere.  Now I’m just waiting for the angel to cast his millstone into the sea and proclaim over us, “Thus with violence has Great Babylon America been thrown down!”

Christians should realize that the riots in Britain actually do involve a theme of hopelessness. Leave it to leftist intelligentsia to confound prosperity with hope, not knowing the material from the spiritual. Marxism will do that to you, I suppose.  Even the drunken, pillaging hooligan is made in the image of God, created to hope in the Gospel of Christ, and if he doesn’t find his hope there, no amount of material gain can replace it.

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