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Government Motors

Reuters is reporting that GM will refuse to honor warranties on cars sold prior to their bankruptcy.  The biggest problem faced by the company right now is the same one that’s troubling the whole country, which is leadership making fundamental errors concerning integrity.  By putting out a legal position that “new GM” isn’t responsible for obligations incurred by “old GM,” they’ve staked out a clear position that they are not to be trusted.

A car is the biggest expense you’ll ever have next  to your house.  Would you buy a car from these people?

When industry captains get together, I wonder if they discuss any sort of moral reasons for a picture like this:

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  1. Bill

    That’s okay. Back when the government was in negotiations with GM, I heard Obama say on TV that if anything went wrong with a GM car, he would fix it. I hope he’s a better mechanic than president…

    Posted on 05-Sep-11 at 12:14 pm | Permalink

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