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Biden “understands” China’s one-child policy. No… wait a minute… it’s repugnant.

Joe Biden, born with a silver foot in his mouth, is regrettably representing the United States in China.  China is America’s biggest creditor, so we sent them our biggest clown.  He is Joe Isuzu with hair plugs and an unctuous grin.

Biden took the opportunity last Sunday, August 22, to tell university students in Sichuan that he “fully understood” China’s one-child policy and would not “second guess” what they’re doing.  When the remarks didn’t sit well in the United States, the Obama administration started issuing backtrack info opposing the coercion involved in the one-child policy’s enforcement mechanism.  Eventually Biden’s office put out something using the word “repugnant.” Glad that’s settled.

Only it’s not.  Ostensibly, the whole thing revolves around the idea of choice.  What earns the Democrat epithet of “repugnant” is the fact that China’s abortions are not voluntary, hence not the result of personal choice.

See if you can take this in: America’ Party of Government, which favors taxing and regulating everything, is suddenly all about freedom when it comes to Chinese policy on reproduction.  But look one step beyond even that.  If abortion is not wrong, then what could be wrong with the state requiring it for good reasons?

It’d be nice if I really believed Biden had gotten a flash case of Stockholm syndrome while he was in China and blurted this out to curry favor with his captors.  It’d be nice if we could really believe Biden’s backtracking was the flame of his conscience still guttering and “repugnant” was a Freudian slip referring to abortion itself, not just a Chinese law demanding it.

Likely neither is the case.  Biden said what he meant to the Chinese.  He sees nothing wrong with abortion, so it naturally follows that there can be nothing wrong with the state requiring it when the state perceives abortion to be in its interests.  Those who think forced abortions could never happen in America should think twice about voting for a man who sees nothing wrong with it in China.

But Biden also knows he’s got to get elected by (mostly) American voters.  Some of those voters are pro-life, so he issued a backtrack statement that split the difference.  To pacify his pro-death base, he said nothing against abortion itself.  To keep from running off too many voters on the other side, he used the word “repugnant” hoping us red-state-tards would think he was talking about abortion itself and not merely China’s strongarm enforcement practices.

A more calculated attempt at covering evil with a cloud of verbal squid ink would be hard to find.  Not often do you see just about everything that’s wrong with American politics all in one little episode, but this comes pretty  close.

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