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Monthly Archives: August 2011

General comment on human strangeness


I’ve seen people indulge fantasy behaviors mixed with just plain old selfish irresponsibility (and not a little cowardice) until they became non-functional adults.  I’m not, to borrow the sappy term, a mental health care professional, so my calling something like that a mental illness may be a misnomer.  But in my years of pastoring, I […]

Biden “understands” China’s one-child policy. No… wait a minute… it’s repugnant.


Joe Biden, born with a silver foot in his mouth, is regrettably representing the United States in China.  China is America’s biggest creditor, so we sent them our biggest clown.  He is Joe Isuzu with hair plugs and an unctuous grin. Biden took the opportunity last Sunday, August 22, to tell university students in Sichuan […]

America’s Gaffe-O-Matic


It is a marvel of America’s national humiliation that we have nobody better to represent us in China than Joe Biden.  Read the dry and understated remarks of the blokes on it.  Woe is us.

At the core of evangelical belief


Israel definitely got the wrong idea about the purpose of the law of Moses.  They thought it was a prescribed method for gaining God’s favor.  Actually, says Paul, it was more like a systematic way to identify all the ways we offend God. Now we know that what things soever the law saith , it […]

Maybe it’s time to start using the Constitution for yet another reason.


The Obama administration’s rogue Environmental Protection Agency has begun implementing new rules on emissions for power plants.  The result is going to be lots and lots of coal-fired power plants getting shut down, according to an article in the Washington Post. The fifth amendment to the Constitution says private property must not be taken for […]

Nettlesome revelation


I’ve been working my way through the book of Romans lately and just finished the chapter 9 which so many people love to hate.  But as an internet acquaintance said about a different subject, “the words say what they say.” And they do indeed. I should point out that Romans 9 doesn’t stand alone.  It […]

Government Motors


Reuters is reporting that GM will refuse to honor warranties on cars sold prior to their bankruptcy.  The biggest problem faced by the company right now is the same one that’s troubling the whole country, which is leadership making fundamental errors concerning integrity.  By putting out a legal position that “new GM” isn’t responsible for […]

London Hog Farm


The rioting in Britain has been interesting, not because no such things have ever happened before, but by way of the chattering classes’ reaction to it. What could be the root cause, they want to know? The idea that criminality is produced by the chatterers’ own nihilism hasn’t occurred to them. But Christians warned of […]

Sometimes you gotta fight when you’re a man


I had to look it up on Wikipedia to see when Kenny Rogers recorded the song, “Coward of the County.”  It was 1979.  Rogers’ song ends with the line, “sometimes you gotta fight when you’re a man.” With the feminization of the western man, the riots in England have disclosed yet another ugly side to […]

The Empire struck back. Victory, Team RINO


The outcome of the budget “deal” was predictable ten days ago or ten years ago.  Borrowing and spending increase immediately in exchange for an assurance that some future Congress will cut spending some day, out there, over yonder, God willing.  So America’s great swarming masses of grifters will continue nursing at the government breast without […]