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The RINOs are starting to run…

Keep watching.  Smart money says there ain’t no way the RINOs are going to stand their ground and call Obama’s bluff.  They never have before.  Why start now?  Senator McConnell has already signaled his willingness to cave in.  Michelle Malkin posted her famous “head banging” gif to lament his surrender.  He reminds me of Jaja Binks with hands in the air: “I give up!”  In case you’re wondering whose side McConnell is on, Harry Reid complimented his sellout as “thoughtful and unique.”  The cynic in me wants to know what McConnell got for his trouble.

And of course the mainstream media including some of the talk radio “conservatives” have gotten their orders to call the Tea Party people a bunch of lunatics for wanting to set America’s financial house in order now.  Count me in with the lunatics.  With a $3.6 trillion dollar outlay, the federal government is spending roughly $411 million dollars per hour, and they do this 24-7-365.  The Tea Party loonies are the ones who realize there’s no time to lose on political games, and every day the country delays setting its house in order, the difficulty only grows.  And right now that difficulty is growing big fast.

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