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Mr. Obama keeping campaign pledge to kill coal industry

Former Missouri Senator Kit Bond recently published an article in the Southeast Missourian explaining what Mr. Obama’s minions are doing through the Environmental Protection Agency.  Read it here.  Early in his presidential campaign, Mr. Obama said he would make it impossibly expensive to burn coal.  He’s doing that.  And if the EPA is not reined in soon, you’re going to pay for it through your electric meter.  Bond says,

Recent analysis from the National Economic Research Associates shows that by 2020 the cost of just two of the coming onslaught of regulations the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule and the Utility Maximum Achievable Control Technology rules — will be the loss of 1.4 million jobs and an average utility bill increase, of 11.5 percent — and in some cases, more than 20 percent.

It’s really time for the Congress to throttle the EPA by passing some common sense reforms such as requiring the EPA to prove that each new rule will provide more benefit than cost. Furthermore, something as simple as a numerical limit on the number of new rules permitted to be published each year would help industry by limiting the regulatory threat from Washington.

Yes, yes, I know we don’t want the Cuyahoga River catching on fire again.  And no, I don’t advocate environmental anarchy.  But it’s time we faced the fact that Mr. Obama really is what he looks like, namely, a man who publicly set out to kill off a major American industry.  The damage cited by Mr. Bond isn’t accidental, and it isn’t because he doesn’t know better.  He said he’d do this, and he’s doing it.

Alas, Mr. Bond ends his article with a PeeCee appeal to urge Congress and the President to “invest” in “clean” energy.  Really, Mr. Bond, since this is America and we’re all about some liberty, how about we use our own natural resources and let free minds develop a better mousetrap?  The chances of government making that happen faster, or even at all, are zero.  Please just get the pernicious legions of bureaucrats out of the way, and old fashioned American ingenuity and, ahem,  greed will make it happen faster, cheaper, more reliably, and yes even more cleanly, than Washington could ever do.

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