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DITY Morals

One of my kids gave me an office calendar pad that has quotations on it.  I cheated and read ahead.  Sometime in the future, the quote for the day will be from a French writer named Remy de Gourmont, “Each man must grant himself the emotions that he needs and the morality that suits him.”

Being such an ignoramus as I am, I had never heard of de Gourmont, but his quotation strikes me as scoring a perfect ten for stupidity.  And it doesn’t take an advanced degree in philosophy to see the problem here.  Anders Breivik just got through wasting a considerable portion of Norway with the morality that suited him.  The emotions that suit him now have him smirking, self-satisfied, into the cameras of the clamoring news media.  Breivik is vain and a nerd.  He wanted fame.  He got it.

Civilization requires a basic moral core.  Without that, you have — guess what? — no morality and thus no civilization.  A narcissistic, vain nerd posting internet photos of himself in uniforms and then gunning down teenagers is not civilized.  I’m reading quite a bit about the left blaming the right for this guy.  Some say he was Christian, others that he was a lone wolf anarchist, and still others that he’s a nut, psychotic, or a psychopath.

Just for your consideration, how about this angle?: Breivik is merely evil.  He embraced wicked morals, and his wicked beliefs led him to commit wicked deeds.  I’m thinking that when we get to the end of this guy’s story, there will be no more to it than that.

And I really wish that de Gourmont and billions of moderns with like-minded opinions about morals could see that this is not a political issue or a problem with xenophobia, bad education, socialization, etc.  It is a moral issue, and until we get that clear in everyone’s thinking, it’s only a matter of time until we’re reading about the next nerd with gun.

As a footnote, I would add that those who pray should implore divine mercy that it’s only a gun.  The perfect storm of murder would come if a man of Breivik’s nerdy vanity were raised on a diet of Western nihilism, then stoked up with Islamic radicalism, and finally armed with a nuclear weapon supplied by, say, A. Q. Khan of Pakistan.  Who’s to say that can’t happen?

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