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China building, building, building. America. . . ?

The largest tributary to China’s huge Yangtse River is called the Jinsha River.  China already has a number of dams on the Jinsha, but four more are planned.  They’ll have a combined generating capacity of 43 gigawatts.  For those not familiar with numbers like this, the output of a large nuclear plant is a little under one gigawatt.  So when the dams are completed on the Jinsha and the reservoirs are filled, they’ll generate as much power as roughly 45 to 50 nuclear plants.

Meanwhile back in America, we can’t even put up a few solar panels in the Mojave desert because environmental fanatics within the Obama administration have finagled a way to obstruct the project, claiming 600 desert tortoises could die as a result of it.  Just for some sense of scale, the proposed solar project covers 5.6 square miles whereas the Mojave desert covers about 25,000 square miles.  The weepy lament for the tortoises is a transparent ploy by energy Luddites to prevent anything from being built.

You need to understand something about the environmentalists’ movement.  Every energy source has a bitter gaggle of lawsuit-filing environmental extremists agitating to stop it.

Is anybody surprised that China enjoys 9 percent annual growth in GDP while America still plods through Obama’s Great Recession?  Wealth is not created by taking money from Citizen A and handing it to Citizen B.  Wealth is created when people combine natural resources with tools, machines, labor and ingenuity to create products like energy that are useful to man.  How shocking that the Communists have got this figured out, but America has forgotten it and can’t seem to grasp the notion.

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