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Boy, that didn’t take long

In the aftermath of the slaughter in Norway, the slavering hordes on the media left are already denouncing anyone who is to the right of where they are.  Roger Cohen’s piece in the New York Times will, I venture to guess, set the tone for leftist recrimination of anything conservative.  If you’re upset by the West’s economic decline and the globalists’ immigration megatrends, then you’re partly to blame for every victim in Norway.

This is the sort of thing that Sarah Palin rightly termed “blood libel” in her now-famous Facebook rebuttal of the mainstream media blame game following the Giffords shooting a few months ago.  As far as I can tell from media accounts, Breivik and Loughner had nothing in common except a desire to commit mass murder.  If the mainstream media manage to convert this tragedy into grist for their PeeCee mill, Breivik will have helped the anti-West media toward victory they have long sought, the suppression of all opinion but their own.

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