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And now check what the Obama administration is doing to oil

The damage just keeps on piling up.  Breitbart has published a report on oil rigs leaving the Gulf of Mexico for foreign shores.  A whole domestic industry is being systematically destroyed.  It’s very disheartening that the public isn’t tuned in to this, not merely because it’ll make gasoline more expensive (which it will), but because of what it’s doing to our basic freedom to do business in America.  If Obama’s environmental radicals can trash the coal industry (and they can, and they’re doing it), and if they can also trash the oil industry — which they apparently can, and are doing — then what form of employment is safe?  How long before your job, whatever it is, gets abolished because some bureaucrat is offended that your industry exists?  Question: Is there any kind of license, anything at all, that you need permission from the government to do?  If yes, and the odds are virtually 100 percent that it’s yes, then a malicious bureaucrat can wipe you out by just sitting there and doing nothing.

America, when are you going to wake up to what has happened to your freedom?

Right now, the Obama administration is exploiting the bureaucracy to take a wrecking ball to the entire energy sector.  I object to it because it’s morally wrong to destroy people’s livelihoods over a hoax.  But even if you don’t care about the moral ramifications of converting America into something resembling Hugo Chavez’s Venezuelan kleptocracy, you should care because the effects of Mr. Obama’s apparently deliberate misrule are going to cost you.  Personally.  Big time.  And for a long time.

Think you could go to court and make the government perform?  Read Breitbart’s article.  That’s already been done.  The administration lost.  They still aren’t performing.  The reason people have been calling the Obama administration “gangster government” is not just because of its Chicago connections.  It’s because of its disdain for the law.

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