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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Romney on Abortion


Here’s a link to Mitt Romney’s pro-life statement.  He proposes the sort of compromise that gives away the principle in the name of getting something done.  In Romney’s case, it’s the rape and incest exception, and this shows only that Romney doesn’t understand the issue and hasn’t grasped why people who are pro-life oppose abortion.  […]

Abortion issue and the GOP


Fox news is carrying a headline about Mitt Romney’s refusal to sign a pro-life pledge.  The pledge is written by a pro-life group called the Susan B. Anthony list which you can read about here.  The pledge itself is not what I’d call an extremist statement.  Here it is from the SBA website: I […]

Dealing with an impudent punk


When I was a schoolboy, the punks and barbarians played a game of denying to a teacher’s face what she could plainly see.  If a punk was copying answers from the kid in the next seat, the teacher would command the punk to cut it out.  This was the starting point for the game.  “What? […]

How regulation makes energy executives crazy


The article linked here from a North Carolina on-line business journal called is not written by a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  But it does contain a fairly beneficial insight.  It shows how America’s crazy quilt of environmental regulations don’t do jack to help the environment.  In this particular example, Duke Energy […]

The New Covenant isn’t the Old Covenant


One of the most curious controversies in the Christian world revolves around the phrase “New Testament,” as in, “the last major section of your Bible.”  It comes as a surprise to folks of Baptist background to learn that many denominations view the New Testament as basically the same thing as the Old Testament with just […]

This one bears watching


The American Thinker has posted a piece insinuating that Mr. Obama’s anti-coal energy policies are tied to his Chicago cronies via utility giant Exelon Corp. Exelon is the country’s largest nuclear operator, and the article alleges ties between Bill Ayers, Exelon, Mr. Obama, and policies which would favor a utility that has more nukes and […]

MSM be hatin’ on Palin


I’m old enough to remember the last forty-odd years of American political history.  In all that time, I’ve never seen the leftists in the mainstream media seek the personal ruin of a private citizen like they’ve sought it for Sarah Palin.  And, yes, private citizen.  She does not hold elected office nor is a candidate […]

Jesus and Islam


Matt Drudge has been linking an article from CNS News on Moslem claims that Jesus is a prophet of Islam.  This is based on Islam’s Gollum-like regard for whatever it both loathes and envies.  The Christian teaching is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God (John 1:34), that he is God manifest in the […]

Lasciviousness at the 500-level


The sexual morality of public leaders doesn’t look good these days with Weinergate going on, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his mistress getting outed, and lurid stories emerging about Senators Kennedy and Dodd simultaneously abusing a waitress. John “Breck girl” Edwards is back in the news and in jeopardy of becoming a felon, and the pompously named […]