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Monthly Archives: May 2011

King Canute for County Judge!


So there’s this woman who says she is a really man but a DNA mistake imprisoned her in a female body.  After some period of years, she goes to court and gets a judge to reassign her identity before any surgery was performed.  So she’s got a court order, and on the strength of a […]

Freedom, abused, is lost


This runs on two tracks, one spiritual and one shamelessly political. On the spiritual side, this is just a friendly reminder for my Christian brethren and sistren that conservative media personalities are occasionally our cobelligerents in the culture wars, but they are almost never our friends. That was clarified for me recently while listening to […]

Brother Harold, please stop talking


Harold Camping’s worldwide church of embarrassment is stepping into the batter’s box for their third strike.  The end of the world has been rescheduled for October. Harold, please — please — stop this.  You can’t predict the end of the world.  Speculations about the date of Noah’s flood are occasional fun for deep students of […]

World still here. Dang.


Chalk up another loss for the date-setters.  I don’t know why people do this.  They embarrass themselves and the faith they profess.  Jesus said nobody knows the day and hour of his return.  (Matt 24:36)  We should leave things right there. A long time ago, my preaching ministry emphasized the interpretation of Bible prophecy.  Eventually […]

Nuclear industry issue to watch


This link will take you to an in-depth report on a little known issue at nuclear power plants, which is fire protection.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has recently taken fire protection enforcement to a higher level. One of the more serious nuclear events ever to occur on U.S. soil took place at the Browns Ferry […]



One of the newer political fashions is for “conservatives” to treat Israel as if it were a liability.  The general feeling is that America’s fortunes would be much improved if Israel would just vanish.  I don’t mean to accuse Israel’s faux conservative detractors of anti-Semitism in the sense of wishing for a new holocaust to […]

Remind me once again — whose children were these?


It seems some kids transgressed a school dress code and wore unapproved shoes to school.  So the school denied them a free breakfast.  Oh, the outrage. Note to my friends on the left, right, and center.  If your kids are in government custody for most of their waking hours, riding a government bus to a […]

Hey, everybody, would you join me in praying for Izzy?


Izzy has cancer and needs us all to bring her name before the throne of grace.  The Lord responds when his people get together and pray for his blessings on one of our little sisters.  Would you join me in offering a word of prayer on her behalf?  It’s not because you personally know her, […]

Is it illegal, sinful, or just stupid?


By now you’ve read that a police officer in Toronto said that women would be less likely to be raped if they’d quit dressing like sluts.  This has led to “slut walks” like the one chronicled here where women (should we presume they all self-identify as sluts?) protest the outrageous notion that provocative clothing should […]

While we’re creating rumors…


It’s a rare day when I agree with anything the mainstream media say about the current administration, but today is such a day.  ABC’s Bob Ellis argues persuasively here that the secrecy surrounding the killing of Osama is going to create more problems than it’ll solve.  Not for the first time has this administration thought […]

One terrorist down; how many to go?


By now you know Mr. Obama ordered a strike against Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, and the latter is dead.  The Times of India released a contraband photo of OBL looking dead with a hole above his left eye.  So this master criminal is gone, and we owe the Navy SEALs a salute for carrying […]

Nuclear power risk


From American Thinker, a serious-minded article on why nuclear power remains the safest form of large scale electric power.  If you compare the safety record of nuclear energy with any other form of commercial power production, nuclear power wins by a gigantic margin, even when the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters are factored in.  If Americans […]