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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Product Review: LED Light Bulb at Lowe’s


Lowe’s has a 40-watt equivalent light bulb that uses light-emitting diode (LED technology).  Normally these bulbs run $20 or more, but Lowe’s is offering this one for a few pennies short $10.   I bought a couple of them, and they are excellent!  The light is instantly on at full intensity and shines a little whiter […]

Well, there it is


Mr. Obama finally released his birth certificate. Of course, experts in document forensics will need a few days to look it over, checking into matters such as the serial number, the type of paper it was printed on, curiosity questions about pencil markings, folds, creases, spacing of typed letters on the form, and so forth. […]

Great art and great faith


Our pastor at Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church mentioned this masterpiece by Caravaggio this Easter morning, so I thought it’d be nice for readers of AVFTA to take a look.     Great art can encourage great faith, I think.  If a man is inclined to think of prayer as an occupation of sissies who can’t […]

No silver bullet


Mr. Obama has been using his tax-funded campaign trips to explain that there’s no “silver bullet” for bringing down the high price of gasoline. Mr. Obama is dead wrong about that, and conservatives and libertarians should shout him down about it.  Two simple things are needed to bring the price of fuel way down.  1)  […]

Guys, you don’t have to do that


Roman Catholics in the Philippines (sans any official approval of their church, I add in response to a comment) participate in an annual ritual of suffering that re-enacts the passion of Christ.  They have themselves scourged and crucified — literally.  Check out the Google images link here, but be forewarned that many of these images […]

Reverend Ike for Prez


I am partly amused and partly disgusted by the antics of health-and-wealth preachers.  Charlatans ranging from Benny Hinn and (late) Reverend Ike to the preposterous Ken Copeland promise that if you’d send their ministry a check, God would multiply it back to you.  It wasn’t precisely something for nothing since you’d have to “sow a […]

Pretty good synopsis of “birther” controversy


From The American Thinker.  Regardless of your take on the issue, what Carol Taber writes here says people who care about the Constitution need to pay attention to what’s going on with Mr. Obama’s records.

Having an Advocate


When we were at the airport in Guangzhou, China, a problem came up with our airline tickets.  I speak no Mandarin, and the ticket agents spoke no English.  Pointing, nodding, and shrugging weren’t working out.  So our guide intervened, figured out the problem, and got it settled to the satisfaction of all concerned.  It was […]

In my dreams…


Says Mr. Boehner to Mr. Obama, “You don’t get a dime unless I say so.  Call me when you’ve learned some respect for the House of Representatives, and then I’ll tell you how much money we’re going to let you have and what you can or can’t spend it on.”

Irony can be very ironic


Louise Slaughter, an abortion zealot whose very name is very ironic, accuses budget cutters of wanting to kill women if they don’t give tax money to Planned Parenthood. Of course, abortionists actually do kill little unborn women, and little unborn men, all told about 1300 every day.

A killer of a god


Whoever coined the phrase “American dream” surely never meant it to be a catch phrase for greed.  But that’s what it has become.  And covetousness, Paul reminds us, is idolatry (Col 3:5). America’s prosperity was God’s gift.  But the Secular Man — and perhaps a few of us Christians — began to worship and serve […]

Why the Dems are digging in


To borrow WSJ’s parlance, the Democrats are the party of “takers.”  It wasn’t always so, but it is now. Last November, a coalition of “makers” succeeded in giving the GOP a majority in the House.  Makers don’t constitute the GOP, just enough of it that it gave the GOP its majority. Federal spending bills, like […]

Fukushima photos


For photos of the damaged plants, click here.

The problem with electric cars

04-Apr-11 has a review of the new Rolls Royce electric car here.  They note that the battery is the largest ever placed in a passenger car at 71 KWH. Okay, how much is 71 KWH?  Well, one horsepower is 746 watts.  Do the math on this, and you’ll find this car can put out just […]

Got Koran, looking for match


If Florida’s Koran-burning preacher, Terry Jones, hoped to show something of the difference between Christianity and Islam, he succeeded more than he hoped for.  Some 20-odd people have been killed in violent protests about it.  U.N. Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon, denounced… well, who do you think he denounced?  The Christian preacher who burnt a single book […]