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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Three cheers for The Donald


Donald Trump has been making some enjoyable waves goading the president about his inability to produce a genuine birth certificate.  Everyone else who has done this is a lunatic, or so we are solemnly assured by the MSM that shoulders the weighty burden of telling us all what to think.  However, one of the American […]

Chinese folk art



Not a lawyer, don’t play one on TeeVee


You may have heard some “conservatives” on the radio saying that the War Powers Act of 1973 basically says nothing more than that the president has to report to Congress if he starts a war. Actually, that’s mistaken.  Here’s a link to the text where you can see for yourself.  No, I’m no lawyer, don’t […]

Gravelly stuff


Get your Brazil on In case you were wondering if Mr. Obama is really an environmentalist wanting to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, he’s just told Brazil that he wants them to drill for their oil and sell it to America. In case you were wondering if Mr. Obama is really an American patriot wanting […]

Okay, maybe they’re getting started now


The American Thinker published an article today noting that Mr. Obama has violated the Constitution by initiating a war at the behest of the U.N. and not the Congress. No doubt following the lead of Bro. Steve, they’re also wondering where congressional conservatives are hiding out.

I’m not a pacifist, but…


Know when to hold ’em There’s a proverb that says, “He that passeth by , and meddleth with strife belonging not to him, is like one that taketh a dog by the ears.”  (Prov 26:17) The squabbles among the Libyans are none of America’s business.  There are no American interests at stake.  There is no […]

Best ever illustration of federal budget slashing


Image credit: Powerlineblog John Hinderaker at Powerline has given us the best illustration I’ve ever seen showing the absurdly trivial size of the budget cuts being proposed by the Congress.  From Democrat’s weeping and gnashing of teeth, you’d think that, as Al Sharpton might say, the GOP be takin’ food out de mouves o’ de […]



Here’s a photo of sly Chinese students studying calculus and electromagnetic field theory while pretending to be just a bunch of kids eating at McDonald’s. And, yes, the food at a McDonald’s in China is absolutely indistinguishable from the same stuff served at the McDonald’s in your neighborbood. See the receipt in the hands of […]

The nuclear tragedy of Japan


The nuclear power aspects of the unfolding tragedy in Japan highlight basic issues about modern living.  First among these is that modern living is no longer a lifestyle choice, and we need to think through how we got here. How luxuries became necessities When society reached the point where most people had cars, everyone wanted […]

My itty bitty glimpse in to Chinese life


Guangzhou not for sight-seers To my untrained eye, if there is any one word that summarizes a visit to southern or central China, it’d be “shabby.”  The buildings are shabby.   The shops and streets are shabby.  The utility wiring would have to get a lot better to achieve a state of shabbiness.  Even the […]

Daylight savings time


To whomever is responsible for this: Can we puh-leeze just leave the clocks alone? Sincerely, Bro. Steve

Here’s looking at you, kid


John 9 tells about a blind guy whose sight Christ restored by means of spitting on the ground, making clay, and rubbing it into the man’s eyes.  He told the man to go wash his eyes, which he did, and the man’s sight was instantly healed. This occurred on the Sabbath day which naturally set […]

China: My itty bitty glimpse into Chinese political life


The Chinese Empire Americans express surprise when they’re told that China is by no means a unified country.  China is more like the old Soviet Union, a patchwork empire cobbled together from unwilling vassal states, no shared language, and no sense of shared national vision or loyalty.  People in the southern provinces where we visited […]

In passing


Dan Cady, a professor at the University of California, recently offered his entry in the genre of angry atheists.  I don’t actually know if Cady is an atheist, but he writes like one.  His article was published in the Huffington Post and then linked on the Google news aggregation site.   Cady is upset that […]

A shameful joke


The Republicans in Congress, reinforced with battalions of angry-white-male-bitter-clingers from the Tea Party, have proposed a budget that trims $61 billion from discretionary spending.  Cue a picture of Carrie Nation with axe in hand hacking down Washington’s saloon of spending, flinging her torch into dank rivers of demon rum, leaving streets graveled with glass and […]