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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Street rage here and there


Arab street rage Rage is all the rage these days in Tunisa, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, and now the Saudis are feeling the heat and giving away billions to suppress discontent with money.  It doesn’t fit my subtitle, but even the Chinese government has been obliged to start a counter-revolution of sorts. They’ve blocked the word […]

Sword versus pen knife (Jeremiah 36)


Jehoiakim was one of the last kings to rule Judah before the Babylonian conquest. Jeremiah tells about him meeting with his ministers when a scroll of Jeremiah’s prophecy was read before him. The king took the scroll, slashed it up with a pen knife and tossed the tatters into a fire (Je 36:23). Jeremiah adds […]

Studies prove infants harder to wean after they turn fifty


Many people wonder what will happen in America when the welfare checks stop. Wisconsin answers that. The mere discussion of trimming the pork touches off strikes, riots, fleeing legislators, union rabble-rousing, and high-voltage agitation by Democrat provocateurs. In Egypt and Libya, oppressed people riot for freedom. In Greece and Wisconsin, spoiled people riot for free […]

From WUWT, a Wind Power Candidate for


Here’s the link.  I mentioned a few days ago that one of the many afflictions wind power can suffer is icing conditions.  The revered Anthony Watts features a reprint of an article describing just such a failure on a Canadian wind farm.  Just about everywhere in “Canadia” is subject to icing for much of the […]

Brother, can you spare a trillion?


I knew a guy who had a case of “macho-loco.” He displayed his masculinity by doing feats of lunatic daring. One day he hopped on his crotch rocket motorcycle and took off racing down the county road where he lived, throttle maxed out. Less than half a mile from his house was a right angle […]

Texas Wind, Act-II


More blackouts are reportedly on the way to Texas if the weather turns nasty again. I mentioned previously that the Nation of Texas created a mess with its over-reliance on natural gas and wind power.  There’s another aspect to this that bears mention, and that’s the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT. ERCOT shows […]

Texas wind


Texas has been leading the country in wind power installation. Now Texas lags the country in power generation reliability. For the past two decades, their predominant sources of new and replacement generation have been natural gas and wind power. During the most recent winter storm, these generation sources were completely tapped out, so Texas was […]

That fabled “Arab street”


First Tunisia, then Egypt, now Jordan and Yemen.  Who’s next?  All across the middle East it seems the Arabs are not pleased with their governments.  I don’t pretend to know what the specific issues are in each country.  Heck, if Hillary doesn’t know, how should I? But it’s not that hard to take a poke […]

The Gorebot speaks…


Just for the record, and in case you were wondering if he would really, really, really say it, Al Gore says that the once-a-century blizzard is indeed caused by global warming. There is only one rational response to his insisting on the AGW hoax amidst this deepfreeze: A horselaugh.

Bro. Steve, where have you been?


Regular readers are wondering why AVFTA hasn’t been updating for the past few weeks.  Answer: We’ve been in China with our latest adoption.  Please welcome Andrew Isaac to the Reed family.

No complaining in our streets…


The latter half of Psalm 144 is a prayer for God’s blessing.  The psalmist asks for pretty much what we’d ask for, including deliverance from his enemies, blessing for his children, prosperity, and safety.  But he does request one unexpected thing, a thing especially dear to men in leadership — that there be no complaining […]