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Like Conan the Barbarian boasting of his virginity

I hope nobody thought putting the GOP in charge would change much of anything in Washington.  The basic cause of energy supply and price problems in America is Washington itself.  Congressmen routinely operate as if they must decide what energy solutions must be adopted by Americans.

No, that’s too weak.  They operate as if energy to power modern living depends for its existence upon congressional action.  After all, how could anything occur unless they were the doers of it?  So Congress has done a lot of doing in the past few years, much of it harmful to the energy future of the country.  It works like this:  The Democrats had contributors who liked projects A, B, and C, so they saw to it that the Feddle Gummint threw other people’s money at these.

Now an incoming Republican majority has supporters who insist that projects X, Y, and Z are better, and they’re going to see to it that the Feddle Gummint throws other people’s money at their pet projects.

Shall I make this even more dismal for you?  The new chairman of the House committee on energy is Fred Upton from the Soviet Republic of Michigan.  He is the statesman who fathered the bill to outlaw incandescent light bulbs.  Let’s all reassure ourselves that after the Democrats got spanked in the last election, Upton saw the light and became committed, body and soul, to the preservation of individual liberty and the principles of a market-driven economy.  Live free or die!  A regular Captain America with a shield, leotards, skull cap and everything.

If you sincerely believed that the Republican caucus cares about reliable, affordable energy for Americans, then you’d have to conclude that they were all suddenly taken with a collective insanity to have appointed this clueless man as head of energy for the House.  But if you suspected the GOP intended to keep selling influence and shelling out favors to their friends at taxpayer expense, then electing Upton would look perfectly normal.  Expected.  De rigueur.  Essential, even.

You may have read recently that Upton says he’s changed his mind on light bulbs and wants to undo it all, re-legalizing incandescent bulbs.  Attaboy, Fred!  Now how about excreting the whole philosophy you and your peers live by?  How about getting Washington tee-totally out of the business of telling Americans how to generate electricity or fuel their cars or flush their toilets?

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