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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Eighth day glory


King Solomon completed the temple in Jerusalem around 950 B.C. or so.  According to a prophecy already hundreds of years old, this was the place where the Lord would set his name. (Dt 14:24, 2 Chr 7:12) When the temple was inaugurated, the fire of God fell from the sky (2 Chr 7:1), and the […]

Pickens jettisons wind power in U.S. (HT: WattsUpWithThat)


T. Boone Pickens had a bold plan to revolutionize energy usage in America.  Everything worked except the plan.  As AVFTA has been reporting for a long time now, wind power is a financial bust, staying in business only to the extent that it can prosper from federal mandates and federal subsidies.  An article on a […]

New Hawaii governor pours gas on smoldering “birther” controversy


Hawaii’s newly installed Governor Neil Abercrombie walked by the quietly growling pack of “birther” dogs and poked a stick in their fence.  Now they’re returning to full-throated baying.  Good move, Governor! As governor, Abercrombie says he’s goan do sump’n ’bout this h’yeah “birther” foolishness, reportedly perceiving it as a mainland slight against Hawaiian Islanders’ legitimate […]

And while I’m on this subject…


Douglas Wilson, love him or love him not quite so much, is a clear and perceptive writer on Christian subjects.  Since homosexuality is at the center of so much of our nation’s moral quibbling, I thought it’d be a good idea to link this article from his blog.  Read and ponder.

Military sodomy and the coming age of pagan darkness


The Congress has voted to let homosexuality be an out-in-the-open kind of thing in the armed forces. Requiring homosexuals to keep their private lives private was a burden too heavy to bear, woe betide them all, so in the words of Joe Lieberman, they had to “do the right thing.” The largest sector of the […]

The Al Gore effect threatens the whole world


The Al Gore effect, lingering from last month’s meeting in Cancun, is still wreaking meteorological havoc across the globe.   The Brits are suffering through their coldest winter ever, and  Xinhua News has announced severely frigid weather in Beijing and other parts China including its southern regions.  If somebody doesn’t stop these people from talking about […]

Wikileaks and ObamaCare®


Part of the ObamaCare® package includes placing medical records on the internet.  After Julian Assange, we now know the quality of government data security.  Imagine all your private medical records being given the same treatment. And they will be, you know, eventually.

Forget your own people (Psalm 45)


When the psalmist sings his admiration for the king’s bride, he advises her to forget her own people and her father’s house (Psa 45:10).  Her station as the king’s chosen calls her out of a humble station to something exalted. America has an odd love/hate attitude toward the sort of elevation described in the psalm.  […]

How government uncertainty kills the economy year after year


True story Some friends of mine, I’ll call them the Joneses, got notified that the highway in front of their house was about to be widened. They wanted to do some home improvements, but they didn’t know whether their house would be condemned, so they waited. After a few years, the guys from the highway […]

Montana PSC member disses wind power


Like the smell of a paper mill which wafts in from fifty miles away when the wind is wrong, the actual price of wind-generated electricity is beginning to stink.  Here’s an article from Montana’s John Vincent who is a member of that state’s Public Service Commission.  The actual money quote from the article comes from […]

Footnote on electric vehicles


The Nissan Leaf is Japan’s entry into the totally-electric car market.  The Leaf has a battery and no gasoline engine.  The range is advertised at roughly 100 miles.  The price in the United States is about $32,000.  I hope Nissan can sell a grunch of these things and help with the problem of getting charging […]

Gods small and smaller


Nostalgic goo A couple of anniversaries occurred during this past week, the birth of Jim Morrison and the death of John Lennon. Lennon was murdered in New York. Morrison reportedly overdosed on heroin in Paris. The news media paused to mourn before moving on to report that Miley Cyrus was tripping on salvia. Each man […]

Like Conan the Barbarian boasting of his virginity


I hope nobody thought putting the GOP in charge would change much of anything in Washington.  The basic cause of energy supply and price problems in America is Washington itself.  Congressmen routinely operate as if they must decide what energy solutions must be adopted by Americans. No, that’s too weak.  They operate as if energy […]

Another creationist textbook law…


I’m almost always glad to see Christians trying to win back some piece of the culture.  The state of Louisiana is trying to do that with a new law that will adjust something or other about science information.  Here’s the text of the law (HT: ICR).  On the surface of things, it doesn’t really look […]

Creeping closer to a useful electric vehicle


The utility industry mostly says attaboy and go-gittum about electric vehicles.  They’re attractive to the power company because, with a little planning, e-cars could all get recharged during a time of day when nothing else is being powered on the grid.  This is like a hotel owner renting out all his empty rooms.  This is […]