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There is a solution to the TSA problem

Dear Ms. Napolitano,

The time has come when you must acknowledge that the threat to American civil aviation is coming from Moslems.  Everyone understands how difficult this will be.  Lawsuits will fall like blizzards; yes, we know this, too.

But the fourteenth amendment’s guarantee of “equal protection of the laws” does not mean that all people have to be viewed as equally likely threats to the security of a free state.  In fact, the fourteenth amendment expressly treats non-taxed Indians differently from other people, which obviously means that equal protection is not the same as identical treatment.

So, how about it?  Don’t you think it’s time the government stopped pretending that we cannot tell who’s trying to kill us?  Isn’t it time to focus more attention on the actual threat and less attention on stripping down little white boys at the airport?

Look, nobody’s about to stage an armed revolution over this.  And nobody’s saying it’s okay to let serious threats to go unchallenged.  We’re just saying it’s time to start focusing on the people you know are responsible for the threat.  It’s not the Baptists, not the Presbyterians, not the Buddhists or Sikhs, not the atheists, and not even the whack-job militia guy all dressed up in camo and toting a shotgun.  It’s the Moslems.  You know this.  We’re just asking you to act intelligently on the information you already possess and stop trashing the dignity of Americans for no purpose other than to appease some perverted sense of political correctness.

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