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Science god with nose out of joint

Another science scandal is heating up, this time over the White House decision to halt offshore oil drilling after the BP oil spill last May.  The administration will attempt to quash this, and their compliant drones in the lickspittle press will help all they can.  Move along, move along, nothing to see here, get back to your lives.

But Obama’s waning popularity is opening up areas of vulnerability along his Marxist flanks.  It was murmured during the BP spill aftermath that the drilling moratorium was merely an expression of Obama’s enmity toward the British (as Dinesh D’Sousa alleges and Obama’s graceless treatment of them confirms) and toward southern states with GOP governors.  But this is all perfectly justified.  The blokes oppressed Kenya, and southern whites are all bigots anyhow.

But there’s a whole ‘nother dynamic at work here which made Obama’s vindictive abuse of science terribly convenient. The Secular Man has made a Baal out of science.  Science is no longer a tool or a method of inquiry.  It’s a proxy for authoritative revelation with politicized universities functioning as stables of Chaldeans and wizards.  In ancient times, “revelation” divined by the king’s magicians was how the powerful convinced the credulous.  How often have you heard that “all scientists agree” that the planet is warming because dastardly Americans drive SUVs and use regular old light bulbs?  All the king’s prophets have spoken, so let thy words be as one of theirs.  (1 Kings 22:13)

So now we learn that the scientific report on the oil spill was tweaked to justify shutting down the oil industry.  Okay, so it embarrassed the British.  And okay, it also beat the economic stuffing out of some red states.  All coincidence.  Nothing suspicious about that at all.

The lesson to be learnt by all us rubes at the church house is that there is only one reliable Word, and it comes from the mouth of the Lord.  Science is not a substitute for revelation, never was, never will be.  And the use of science as a surrogate magisterium by an increasingly pontifical government is something Christians need to be denouncing from the housetops.  When politicians adduce “science” as The Authority Which Must Not Be Questioned to justify their policy decisions, a benighted and churchless public ought to see a flat-out blizzard of penalty flags and whistles coming from our section of the stadium.  The message is this: An unwary public let itself be drawn into in idolatrous view of science.  And kicking over idols like this one?  It’s what we do.

That said, we have no fear of true science.  If men of science have evidence, then by all means let them air it out.  But after two major scientific scandals in the last year (ClimateGate and now DrillingGate), it’s time to do “political scientists” what Gideon did to his daddy’s Baal — tump it over and see if it can stand back up on its own.

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