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Monthly Archives: November 2010

The WikiLeaks guy


Julian Assange, the malefactor in charge of Wikileaks, is acting as an agent for the enemies of the United States.  The Constitution authorizes the Congress to issue “letters of marque and reprisal.”  Back in the day, owners of private ships could be authorized by a king to attack enemy vessels at sea using a letter […]

My take on the TSA


I think the TSA is mostly just trying to do its job within the context of a society that has a wild superfluity of lawyers like Mississippi has kudzu.  TSA can’t do what’s obvious because giant swarms of lawyers are waiting to pounce.  So it does what every over-lawyered society inevitably does — it kicks […]



Youthful threads Little girls’ clothing marketed by mainstream retailers looks like something made for Christina Aguilera. It draws attention to places attention doesn’t belong. Yes, our society scorns modesty, and there’s a certain swath of America for whom “demure” and “neurotic” are synonyms. Only prigs go decent, right? Everybody else is trending toward nekkid. But […]

Getting a media borking, Part 2,347


As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t consider Sarah Palin to be the ideal presidential candidate for constitutional conservatives.  So my remarks on her continuing abuse by the media are not a circumlocution for “Run, Sarah, run!” No, the complaint really is that the mainstream media go convulsive at the sight of her, and throwing integrity […]

Martin’s reckless view of government


CNN’s Roland Martin offers us an editorial here in which he criticizes Sarah Palin for objecting to Michelle Obama’s campaign against childhood obesity.  Complying with liberal talking points assigned from leftwing headquarters, Martin is obliged to use the word “stupid” in connection with Palin, and so he gets that chore done in his very first […]

Interesting tidbit from Pravda


I recently started scanning Pravda just to see what the Russians’ point of view is.  I was surprised to learn that they have published an article from Brian Thomas of the Institute for Creation Research.  What do you suppose it would take for the New York Times or the Washington Post to do the same […]

There is a solution to the TSA problem


Dear Ms. Napolitano, The time has come when you must acknowledge that the threat to American civil aviation is coming from Moslems.  Everyone understands how difficult this will be.  Lawsuits will fall like blizzards; yes, we know this, too. But the fourteenth amendment’s guarantee of “equal protection of the laws” does not mean that all […]

American shale gas has the Russians officially annoyed


Here’s an amusing link to Pravda resentfully huffing and puffing because the development of so-called shale gas in the United States has tilted global gas markets to the detriment of Russia.  It seems the Europeans aren’t quite so dependent on Russia any more.  And that’s a problem for Russia. This is all good news for […]

To a Christian brother on the subject of homosexuality


Bro. ______________, First Corinthians 6 names two varieties of homosexuals and says they shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Along comes modern society and says a person who experiences a certain kind of attraction is defined as a homosexual.  Society applies that label based on something called “orientation.”  And once the label is applied, […]

Science god with nose out of joint


Another science scandal is heating up, this time over the White House decision to halt offshore oil drilling after the BP oil spill last May.  The administration will attempt to quash this, and their compliant drones in the lickspittle press will help all they can.  Move along, move along, nothing to see here, get back […]

I was crazy when I did it


The trial of kidnapper/rapist Brian David Mitchell illustrates one of the things that goes badly wrong in a society that loses sight of God.  When God goes, the bright-line distinction is lost between good and evil.  Morality morphs into statistics.  People start to think in terms normal versus abnormal, sick versus healthy, and so on.  […]

Newton on creation


Now by the help of these Principles, all material Things seem to have been composed of the hard and solid Particles above-mention’d, variously associated with the first Creation by the Counsel of an intelligent Agent.  For it became him who created them to set them in order.  And if he did so, it’s unphilosophical to […]

Message to the GOP: Don’t blow it this time — instead, do nothing


Dear GOP, We know that all you got last night was control of the House of Representatives.  Mr. Obama is regrettably still the president.  Harry Reid is still in the Senate, and the Senate is still in Democrat hands.  That means there is only so much you can do.  We understand that. However, our Constitution […]