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Why American citizens suspect our government is run by anti-American bunglers

Today we had the big cargo plane scare.  Somebody — we dasn’t suspect Moslems — planted a couple of bombs on a couple of cargo planes in foreign countries.  These bombs were not passengers, but cargo.

In response, Janet Napolitano has announced the need to perform grope-and-feel searches of passengers boarding flights in America.

Attagirl, Janet!  Put in a corrective action that would do absolutely nothing to prevent recurrence of the crime that was just committed.  And while you’re at it, hack off everyone who doesn’t want intimate contact by the guards in what you seem to view as a giant American gulag.

But it fits with her boss’ statement that regular Americans, not Islamic radicals, are his real enemies.

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, we are ruled by people who believe in neither one.  Osama has got to be slapping his knees and crying with laughter.

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  1. William

    Ooh, you don’t know just how right you are. Just this past week I was on business travel and I was literally “groped” while going through airport security. It was an all time “low” for me. I’ve been traveling for years but at that very moment the guard was touching “inapporiate” areas, I sighed quite loudly and thought we have clearly crossed the line. It’s bad enough if you have to be “groped” in private but in the midst of a very busy airport with many others watching? It’s humiliating and wrong. Is this the new millenium version of a “peep” show? Security is one thing but this is something else. It’s gross, and gone too far and needs to stop!

    Posted on 29-Oct-10 at 21:06 pm | Permalink

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