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Triple your energy bill

As soon as the elections are done, the Lame Duck session of Congress threatens to enact what could become the most damaging legacy of the Obama administration, even worse than ObamaCare®.  What could be worse?

An energy bill drafted by people who would like to sweeten graft with revenge on their way to the exit.

I’ve been saying for a long time that the various energy bills would triple your power bill.  I based that on the price of green gadget power, that is, power from solar panels, windmills, and so on.  These energy sources normally cost about what conventional power stations cost for the same amount of power but can run only about a third as much.  Hence, the final cost of the power is three times what it would be from a coal, gas, or nuclear plant.  Now Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) has named the very same figure — doubling or tripling of energy bills — in a televised interview.

The line of defense against an energy bill is distressingly thin.  In the Lame Duck session, it will depend on a tiny number of Democrat senators from coal producing states siding with the GOP in a filibuster.

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