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On thanking God for things you might not have thought about

The occasion of this thank-you note from India was a small birthday present sent from America:

I bought one pair of dress [pants] and 65 kgs steel rice drum… I like it because it’s your precious give to me on my birthday.  I love to wear new dress [pants] on my every birthday.  Your love on me always fulfills my desire…  I bought chocolates to my friends, teachers, and classmates…  I am so beautiful in new dress [pants].  Earlier rats used to spoil our rice which we stored in sack.  Steel rice drum is so good to store rice now.  My family and I heartfully extend our love, joy, gratitude, and prayers.

What would you say if you got a steel barrel for your birthday?  Listen, if you’ve got one to keep the rats out of your rice, you need to give thanks to God for that.  Soon.  Like, maybe right now.

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  1. Awesome …

    Thank you, God, for Bro. Steve’s blog that reminds me to be grateful for all blessings, great and small.

    Posted on 02-Oct-10 at 21:26 pm | Permalink

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