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National coming out day

Monday, October 11, was national “coming out” day.  If National Public Radio is any indication, it’s the day when homosexuals complain of being victimized.

The church has to walk something of a tightrope these days.  People tend to run to extremes in their opinions about homosexuality, so it’s vitally important that church get matters straight.   So here goes:  Homosexuality morally wrong, and the church must keep saying that despite the fact that it’s contrary to the received opinion of Secular Men.  It’s trendy to excuse homosexuality on the grounds that it’s genetic.  But genetics doesn’t alter the law of God.  It only shows — assuming the argument is true, which I doubt — one more reason why fallen men cannot save themselves and thus need a Savior.

The political movement known as the “homosexual community” has been trying to link arms with the civil rights movement by saying that homosexuals are victims of prejudice and get mistreated just as black people got mistreated.  This self-interested perspective views homosexuality and blackness as matter-of-fact conditions of human existence.  It’s fair to generalize and say that blacks do not welcome this argument.  It’s not hard to see why.  It equates race with moral failure and plays into stereotypes of Africans as lower beings lacking self control.

Christians do not  advocate persecuting homosexuals any more than we advocate persecuting idolaters.

But neither do we advocate removing the stigma of immorality which attaches to it.  The word “sodomy,” pretty much a forbidden term in the Secular Man’s presence, describes something ugly and perverse.  We would not conceal the disgrace beneath a fig leaf apron of words because moral shame is what forces men to see their need of redemption.

In the realm of public policy, we’re unwilling to pretend that homosexuality is something that can safely be ignored.  God has declared it wrong, and we dare not contradict him.  This is true of the government also, which despite its pretense of supremacy, must ultimately kneel before the King of Kings.

Even on purely pragmatic grounds, every disinterested observer must admit that homosexuality one of the most health-destroying practices a person could engage in.  The Centers for Disease Control, which I hasten to add is not affiliated with the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, says, “men who have sex with men account for more than half (53%) of all new HIV infections in the U.S. each year.”

For many years, the mainstream media have been hammering away at public attitudes about homosexuality in an attempt to get people to accept it.  It’s not clear to me that their efforts have been all that successful.  If the media’s own reporting is any indication, “gay” is as much a schoolyard taunt as “bugger” was 150 years ago.  The phrase, “that’s so gay” is never used in a complimentary way about anything.

The church must guard against taking an accidental fragment of moral opinion as evidence that the Kingdom of God is prevailing in this contest.  That homosexuality remains generally disapproved is not, by itself, a helpful sign because the disapproval is pretty much baseless.  The fact that 13-year old girls find it icky is no safe ground of public morality.  What’s needed is for the church to bring God himself into focus for the public, carefully explaining why his opinion on a moral issue is authoritative, then pointing sinners who are unable to deliver themselves to a Redeemer who is mighty to save. (Isa 63:1)

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  1. 007William

    Well spoken. The fact that this is not taught in some churches is also telling.

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