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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Why American citizens suspect our government is run by anti-American bunglers


Today we had the big cargo plane scare.  Somebody — we dasn’t suspect Moslems — planted a couple of bombs on a couple of cargo planes in foreign countries.  These bombs were not passengers, but cargo. In response, Janet Napolitano has announced the need to perform grope-and-feel searches of passengers boarding flights in America. Attagirl, […]

An establishment secularism


An established church is a religious entity supported by taxation and whose religious competitors are legally disadvantaged, in some cases suppressed or even outright persecuted. Here’s a completely different thing:  A general sweep of a culture resulting in a broad consensus that a particular religion should provide the basic philosophy underpinning law and custom. An […]



Jesus said taught that neutrality does not exist.  This is because there is only one true God who is establishing his kingdom, and you’re either in that kingdom or you’re not. Many Americans would like to believe government should be indifferent to matters of religion.  This belief is based on the idea that the police […]

Once for all


When early believers contemplated returning to Judaism, Paul made a statement that should have caught them cold: The sacrifice of Christ for our sins was once for all (Heb 10:10-14), a thing that was done by God forever, never to be repeated, all sufficient, and thereby exclusive. It was plainly true that the blood of […]

Operation Grim Reaper


Citrus Country Sheriff Jeff Dawsey and his men just conducted a laudable sting operation against pedophiles called Operation Grim Reaper.  Way to go, Sheriff, and please catch all these guys (even if there’s not an election coming) and lock them away where they cannot harm anybody else’s kids. But what a dismal fact of Americana […]

Triple your energy bill


As soon as the elections are done, the Lame Duck session of Congress threatens to enact what could become the most damaging legacy of the Obama administration, even worse than ObamaCare®.  What could be worse? An energy bill drafted by people who would like to sweeten graft with revenge on their way to the exit. […]

National coming out day


Monday, October 11, was national “coming out” day.  If National Public Radio is any indication, it’s the day when homosexuals complain of being victimized. The church has to walk something of a tightrope these days.  People tend to run to extremes in their opinions about homosexuality, so it’s vitally important that church get matters straight.   […]



It would have been ugly to watch the religion of Moses being practiced.  Animals were sacrificed for all sorts of purposes, lambs and rams slaughtered, blood sprinkled here and there, daubed on the priests ear and toe, critter kidneys burned, doves killed, a cow beheaded….  When Solomon’s temple was dedicated, the Bible says 22,000 oxen […]

Aftershock from Climategate


Anthony Watts’ always excellent web site is carrying news of Dr. Harold Lewis’ resignation from the physics organization APS.  Lewis is Professor Emeritus in physics at University of California in Santa Barbara.  His resignation puts another hole through the zombielike head of the warmists’ claim that “all reputable scientists agree” on global warming. [T]he global […]

Radical greens lock up American resources, give China the edge


Anthony Watts’ site has an excellent analysis of what radical environmentalism is doing to America.  Read and think.

On thanking God for things you might not have thought about


The occasion of this thank-you note from India was a small birthday present sent from America: I bought one pair of dress [pants] and 65 kgs steel rice drum… I like it because it’s your precious give to me on my birthday.  I love to wear new dress [pants] on my every birthday.  Your love […]

Another taxpayer rip-off


This from blogger Jonathan DuHamel on yon western districts: “Renewable energy standards are just another rip-off of consumers and taxpayers by rent-seekers, lobbyists, and radical greens.” As I’ve been saying for a long time at AVFTA, wind farms are really just tax farms.  The radical environmental movement runs on a fuel of government subsidy.  Sever […]