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Religion of Peace, 9th. Anniversary Edition

Powerlineblog writer John Hinderaker does a pretty good job of unmasking the idiotic refrain about Islam being a religion of peace.  Read it here.

“Rev. Jones’s stunt prompts the question: what lessons of September 11, 2001, have we internalized? Nine years after President Bush declared Islam a religion of peace, does anyone believe it? Apparently not. Christianity really is a religion of peace, which is why Bible burnings prompt zero news coverage, let alone hysteria throughout the Executive Branch.

Nine years after the world called on moderate Muslims (of whom there are undoubtedly a great number) to reform their religion and marginalize the extremists, how well have they succeeded? How hard have they tried?”

Just so.  Everybody knows why Jones’ stunt was such a threat.  Fanatics from the religion of peace will kill you over something like this.

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