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Putin and Obama

A few days ago, the Drudge Report web site featured photos of Putin and Obama side by side.  Putin was in a typically macho pose while Obama was riding what appeared to be a girl’s bicycle while wearing one of those sissy bike helmets that overprotective moms put on their tykes.  Clearly Mr. Drudge is no friend of Mr. Obama.

The juxtaposition of the two personality types is telling.  Mr. Obama presents himself as sorta-kinda metrosexual.  His male media sycophants speak of his perfectly creased pants while thrills go up their own legs.  Obama gained fame as a talker.  His actual resume is non-existent.  He has no achievements, no deeds, no accomplishments, nothing you could write on a monument.  Now we know he’s not even a talker, only a reader of teleprompters.  Since I have Southern ears, I’ll never be able to comprehend how the rest of the country could mistake him for a great orator.  His choppy Chicago accent grates as much as his empty cliches about hope and change.

Mr. Putin presents himself as the Russian Rambo.  First he’s shooting tranquilizer darts into a Siberian tiger, then launching a crossbow at a whale, riding horseback, or swimming in a river amidst icebergs.  A health and fitness guy, his biceps look like those of a body builder half his age.  His KGB background is out in the open, and he’s credibly accused of being behind the London murder of a man regarded as an enemy of Russia.  The method of the murder was — if you’re into this sort of thing — brilliant in a spy novel sort of way, poisoning a man with radioactive polonium which, because of the nature of the radiation, is undetectable by any normal means.  He’s the ultimate Russian Bad Dude, reminiscent of certain Cossacks that filed their teeth into reptilian daggers.

While Putin’s methods are godless and ruthless, I find it interesting that nobody questions his patriotism.  This guy is in favor of Mother Russia all the way.  He wants Russia to dominate the world.  It doesn’t stir up any guilt-ridden anxiety that the people he intends to conquer will harbor resentful emotions toward him.  If the Chechens want to make Grozny their last stand, no matter.  He will raze Grozy to the ground, burn the rubble and run tanks through the ashes.

It’s nice to have a President of the United States who is not accused of murder.  But who in America, left or right, thinks Barack Hussein Obama is truly in favor of America?  Who believes this man wants to see America winning, prospering, leading, commanding respect and getting it?  Maybe he does, but my point is, who would believe it?  Certainly not his comrades on the left.  The brand-name left of Ayres and Chomsky voted for Obama precisely because they expected him to diminish America.  So far, he’s meeting their expectations.

Given the two leadership styles, which do you pick?  You’ve got the tyrant who loves his country but kills its dissenters in the name of the motherland, or you’ve got the nancy-boy who detests his country and stokes every problem and encourages every weakness that is leading her into decline.

This is ultimately what the Secular Man has to offer.  But there’s a third option for leadership.  You can choose to follow the Captain of our Salvation who has proven his love of his people by dying for them and then proven his power to save by breaking forth alive out of the tomb.  And the dissenters?  They’re invited to the table like family where the Lord works truth into them from the inside out.  Yeah.  That’s more like it.

It’s not really possible to forget something like this.

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