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Probably the wrong time for a wet blanket, but…

Lots of conservatives have their hopes really high about the election this November.  I wish I could feel as hopeful, but I do not.

More voters get money from the federal government than pay in.   The Democrats can comfortably rely on getting a wa-a-ay lopsided majority of the parasite vote.  Whether the money comes as a paycheck to a government worker, one of the countless forms of welfare payments, a sugar-coated government contract, a gift to auto worker unions filched from Chrysler investors, or whatever else — parasitic voters count on Democrats to keep other people’s cash flowing into their own pockets.  Democrats in turn count on their votes.  They each butter the other’s bread.  It’s why Democrats win, and it’s how the parasites get money.  What are the chances that an appeal to rock-ribbed Constitutional principles will shame the grifter nation into becoming self-supporting adults?

Moreover, the Democrats won big in 2008.  It’ll be hard to capture as many seats as are needed to put them in the minority.

But let’s suppose it happens.  And suppose the sundials all turn backwards like they did in Isaiah’s day.  That would only mean that Republicans will be back in charge of Congress.  Last time that happened, your money kept right on flowing to the National Endowment for the Arts, Planned Parenthood, National Public Radio, and so on.  People who look to the GOP for conservative Constitutional rule have been invariably disappointed.  The players are all the same.  Why should they act different now?  Will Lucy let Charlie Brown kick the football this time?

Democrats bitterly detest the idea that voters should be legitimate.  It’s not impossible that the 2008 election was stolen by fraudulent voters.  In fact, many observers feel pretty certain that Al Franken’s seat was stolen.  But this time, as the sun dials all retreat, maybe the vast swarms of illegal aliens will all vote for Tea Party candidates.  And this time, maybe Eric Holder will order the armed black criminals in Pennsylvania to stand back and let their white neighbors vote.  Maybe all the ACORN “workers” vanished into a mist after Andrew Breitbart shamed them again and again.  And maybe this time, for the first time ever, the Chicago Democratic machine’s cadaver vote will break solidly conservative.  It’s an axiom that the only way to beat Democrats is to win big. So maybe, just maybe, the losses for Democrats will be so overwhelming that not even vote fraud can put them over the top.

And it could happen!  So do your Christian duty and turn out to vote.  Vote pro life.  And vote for righteousness.  Vote for people who have integrity.  Vote for representatives who will return this nation to Constitutional rule or die trying.  Oppose anyone who wants to buy your vote with other people’s money.  Such men are offensive to God, a plague on the righteous, and mortal enemies of a free republic.

So yes, use your vote as best you can to make the world a better place.  Just remember that there are no political solutions to moral and spiritual problems.  Our final hope is not in Washington or any other earthy city, for the Bible reminds us that down here we have no enduring city, but we seek one to come.

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