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O’Donnell and Rangel

Two candidates won primary elections, Christine O’Donnell in Delaware and Charlie Rangel in New York.  If you listened to the mainstream media today, you heard a recitation of the sins and errors of O’Donnell who was called a nut, crackpot, and so on.  The deeds of Rangel, who just might actually belong in prison, got no attention.  He’s favored by the liberal establishment.  O’Donnell is not.  Go figure.

O’Donnell is an unknown.  Even assuming she’s the cleverly disguised embodiment of Satan as the mainstream media are portraying her now, the voters may be forgiven for not knowing about that.  There’s no excuse for anyone not knowing about Rangel.  And yet Rangel has found a ready stash of voters willing to overlook it all.  The people of Rangel’s district in New York do know what he is, and they like it, which tells you everything you need to know about why politics in America is so desperately sick.  Because Rangel is not the only one of his ilk, not by a long shot.

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