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Note to the GOP on why you’re not getting a lot of Tea Party support

Lisa Murkowski got defeated in the Republican primary election in Alaska by Tea Party candidate Joe Miller whose name I would have had to look up had it not been in the article itself.  Murkowski is fighting back like Sauron after getting whipped at Helm’s Deep.  In the linked article she says, “The gloves are off.”

Oh yes, that.  The gloves off thing.  Going to fight hard.  Got it.

Question for RINOs like Murkowski: Why didn’t you take your gloves off when President Obama ripped off the Chrysler investors?  Why did your gloves stay on when you saw thugs intimidating voters in Pennsylvania and Eric Holder declining to enforce the law?  And when Mr. Obama bowed to a succession of anti-American despots — gloves still on?  And when he and Pelosi and Reid rammed through the communist health care take-over, bail-outs for mismanaged banks, and so on?

Why is it that the only thing that makes a RINO fighting mad is getting unseated?

I’ll consider coming back to the GOP when you guys fight for the rule of the U.S. Constitution as hard as you fight for your own grasp on power.

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