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Can’t make it without Uncle Sugar

Haywood Community College is putting green gadgets here and there on its new buildings.  The write-up by Becky Johnson in the Smoky Mountain News notes, however, that the whole thing depends on tax money to make it click.  Here’s the literal money quote from her article:

State and federal tax incentives for solar energy are a critical piece of the puzzle for FLS [Energy Corp.]. The venture wouldn’t be profitable without them.  (Emphasis added)

The green gadget economy increasingly appears to be just another redistribution scheme.  Somewhere in America, somebody earned money by doing something productive that added to the wealth of the nation.  Somewhere else in the America, somebody wishes to partake of that wealth without having to earn it.  One of the trendiest ways to do that is by forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for money-losing projects like this one at Haywood Community College.

Wiki’s definition of “white elephant” is apropos here:

A white elephant is an idiom for a valuable possession of which its owner cannot dispose and whose cost (particularly cost of upkeep) is out of proportion to its usefulness or worth.

Something we all need to remember, particularly in November, is that every one of these green doodads they plug into the grid drives up cost.  I’m all in favor of clean energy, renewable energy, and so on.  But I’m also in favor of new technology standing on its own two feet economically.  Creating a parasitic industry that subtracts from the national weal is economically dumb.  Don’t vote for the people who hand out contracts for windmills and solar panels and then demand that you, the taxpayer, make up the shortfall when these things lose money which they will.

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