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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Coal to liquids


The folks down under are seriously talking about converting coal into diesel and gasoline on a massive scale.  It’s a conversation America should be having.  Check it out.  Advocates claim coal-to-liquid (CTL) gasoline is economically competitive with deep water oil recovery.  A study published by Rand says the real economic break-even point comes when crude oil […]

Really unfair


Richard Cohen at the NY Daily News is blaming the Obama administration’s “incompetence” for a failure in the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. In other news, the family parakeet was also incompetent when it failed to broker a peace deal between the cat and the dog. I’m no fan of the Obama administration.  […]

Where do I send my resume’?


The United Nations is set to appoint an ambassador to space aliens.  His job is to greet them when they come here.  I want this job.

Aaron’s rod that budded (Hebrews 9)


In Hebrews 9 the inspired writer says the Ark of the Covenant contained a golden pot that had manna, the two tables of containing the ten commandments, and Aaron’s rod that budded.  These were tokens of God’s presence among the Israelites.  They were also unique foreshadowings of the Messiah who was to come.  The manna […]

You are our letter


God’s speech takes many forms.  You probably think of the Scriptures first, then on deeper reflection maybe you think of Christ as the living and incarnate Word. There is another form, though.  Paul said to the Corinthians, “You are… the epistle of Christ, ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of […]

Vocabulary of the left


Somehow the left has succeeded in making “profit” into a dirty word.  Profits are exploitation, and the incentive to profit is evil. Except… if nobody makes a profit, then everything we do will be unprofitable. Which is pretty much the program of the American left: make everything unprofitable.  And they’re winning that game, which brings […]

Note to the GOP on why you’re not getting a lot of Tea Party support


Lisa Murkowski got defeated in the Republican primary election in Alaska by Tea Party candidate Joe Miller whose name I would have had to look up had it not been in the article itself.  Murkowski is fighting back like Sauron after getting whipped at Helm’s Deep.  In the linked article she says, “The gloves are […]

O’Donnell and Rangel


Two candidates won primary elections, Christine O’Donnell in Delaware and Charlie Rangel in New York.  If you listened to the mainstream media today, you heard a recitation of the sins and errors of O’Donnell who was called a nut, crackpot, and so on.  The deeds of Rangel, who just might actually belong in prison, got […]

Probably the wrong time for a wet blanket, but…


Lots of conservatives have their hopes really high about the election this November.  I wish I could feel as hopeful, but I do not. More voters get money from the federal government than pay in.   The Democrats can comfortably rely on getting a wa-a-ay lopsided majority of the parasite vote.  Whether the money comes as […]

Putin and Obama


A few days ago, the Drudge Report web site featured photos of Putin and Obama side by side.  Putin was in a typically macho pose while Obama was riding what appeared to be a girl’s bicycle while wearing one of those sissy bike helmets that overprotective moms put on their tykes.  Clearly Mr. Drudge is […]

September 11, 2001


We had just returned from China three days before.  I had taken the day off work to recover from jet lag.  When I checked the internet for the morning’s news, the terrorist attacks were underway.  The pictures of the people who were above the impact point and who were forced to jump to their deaths […]

Religion of Peace, 9th. Anniversary Edition


Powerlineblog writer John Hinderaker does a pretty good job of unmasking the idiotic refrain about Islam being a religion of peace.  Read it here. “Rev. Jones’s stunt prompts the question: what lessons of September 11, 2001, have we internalized? Nine years after President Bush declared Islam a religion of peace, does anyone believe it? Apparently […]

Can’t make it without Uncle Sugar


Haywood Community College is putting green gadgets here and there on its new buildings.  The write-up by Becky Johnson in the Smoky Mountain News notes, however, that the whole thing depends on tax money to make it click.  Here’s the literal money quote from her article: State and federal tax incentives for solar energy are […]

The coming electrical storm


Several trends in America’s electrical energy future threaten to converge in a harmful way.  These are the dearth of new coal-fired or nuclear power plants, the shift from these sources to natural gas-fired power plants for baseload service, the unpredictable course of the ongoing economic recession, and the influence of environmental extremists on renewable energy […]

Smart guy says dumb thing


Okay, so the headline is certainly a dog-bites-man kind of thing.  But Stephen Hawking, the famed mathematician and physicist, says the universe is just a consequence of the natural laws of physics.  Even if that were true, how did there get to be any such laws without a Creator to set them in order? Hawking’s […]