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You owe me…

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the federal deficit grew last month by $165 billion.  That’s billion with a ‘b.’  Dividing the amount by 300 million Americans, give or take, that comes to about $550 for every man, woman, boy, and girl in this U.S. of A.

If the Democrat nightmare of borrowing on your credit to grease their voters keeps up, the average family of four will take on $26,400 of additional debt in just this year.

We keep hearing the word “unsustainable.”  It does not mean that conservatives are hard hearted, nor that they hate anyone, nor that they don’t love their fellow man, nor that they are all racial bigots against Mr. Obama, nor that they are merely spoiled sports who are mad because they are out of power just now.

This is what “unsustainable” means.  It means there isn’t enough credit in the whole, wide world for America to keep government spending at this level for very much longer.  The government long ago outran the tax base.  Now they’re about to run out of what they can borrow.  If history is any guide, the government will next turn to what it can steal.  And they won’t be able to steal much because people are watching the government, and as soon as the serious stealing gets started, those who have anything to steal will immediately spend it all up, or else they’ll hide it in a foreign country.  And that’s the point where a real economic collapse will occur, complete with lawlessness, food and fuel shortages, and a breakdown of civil order.

We are truly approaching an emergency situation, and everyone in America knows it except the Democrats.  They seem cheerfully oblivious to the economic calamity they are creating.

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