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The Ground Zero mosque, or why we need a Savior

Doug Wilson does a superb job of explaining why America needs a living Savior instead of the menagerie of gods offered by the prevailing secularism.  Islam, in contrast to secularism, makes transcendent claims about its deity.  It does not matter that no actual Allah exists, says Wilson, because secularism’s response is to walk away from anything that resembles transcendency with its lame attempts to equalize all gods, cultures, and truth claims.  Heck, you could beat that with tales of the Great Pumpkin.

No, to get the better of aggressive Moslems, you need to fight transcendent claims with the transcendent truth of the Gospel, and you need to compare Mohammed the false prophet with Jesus Christ the Redeemer.  Secularism simply has no weapons with which to resist the Islamic menace.  It’s about time the Christians started deploying ours, yes?

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  1. from the article you linked,

    “I said that the Muslims know what they are doing. What is that exactly? They are exposing the intellectual, theological, and ethical bankruptcy of secularism, and they are doing it on purpose. ”

    Absolutely! they are doing what C.S. Lewis wrote about in the Screwtape Letters… the wheat cutting its own stalk in the name of political correctness.

    I disagree with the author here, though-

    “The proposed Ground Zero mosque provides us with a wonderful case study of public square issues, and of the great need for a new Christendom.”

    We don’t need a NEW Christendom, we need repentance and fortifying of the ancient faith, as instituted and practiced by Christ and the Apostles.

    you wrote –

    “Secularism simply has no weapons with which to resist the Islamic menace.”

    I completely agree with you, Bro. Steve — it has been shocking to me to read about how rapidly Islam is taking over Europe.

    “It’s about time the Christians started deploying ours, yes?”

    This is my personal stumbling block – as I have the mentality of St. Peter, ready to take up the sword in righteous anger and yet, in my heart I know that the only defeat of violence/false prophets/moral chaos is through humility at the feet of Christ.

    “There would be no need for sermons, if our lives were shining; there would be no need for words, if we bore witness with our deeds. There would be no pagans, if we were true Christians.” St. John Chrysostom

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