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Just asking

Work with me here.  Suppose it’s 1942, and many Japanese still worshipped Emperor Hirohito as a god.  And suppose the Japanese decided to open up a temple of Hirohito worship a couple of blocks from Pearl Harbor — in the name of religious understanding, of course.

Do you suppose America would have allowed that?  Would we have let liberals beguile us with oily words about the first amendment?  Or would Americans have had the good sense to recognize the Hirohito cult for what it was, a fifth column intent on doing the enemy’s bidding?

Just asking.


  1. Seen the latest from Nancy Pelosi? That’ll REALLY get your blood boiling.

    Posted on 18-Aug-10 at 21:19 pm | Permalink
  2. William007

    I think Americans would have cried “foul” so loud, it would have resounded to this very day!

    What I don’t get is…if this NY mosque building has nothing to do with 9/11 or Ground Zero, why select a site there? Why be so insistent that it has to be in the vicinity of Ground Zero? If they really want to demonstrate their “true colors”, why not recognize the sensitivity of the issue and place the mosque in another NY neighborhood and then work to bring restoration. Why is it that whenever the question of who’s funding the project comes up, it’s artfully dodged?

    I don’t know the “true” intent of the Muslins involved in this effort, but it “appears” to be some agenda…if no more than to capitalize on the fact that the building is in the vicinity of Ground Zero…rubbing it in the faces of Americans. Yes, they have “rights” according to the law. But, sometimes, isn’t the more honorable thing to do is to wave those rights for a greater good? “If” their focus is to show America that they are against the radicals, wouldn’t it better serve their cause to not build there? It might alleviate some suspicious about their motives if all they really want to do is build a mosque. But, it smells to me…something is definitely rotten in NY! Just saying…

    Posted on 28-Aug-10 at 9:14 am | Permalink

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