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Faithful and true

I knew a friend who was betrayed by his wife.  The phrase found in the Bible is that she had “done him shame;” that is, she committed sin that wrecked his life and brought him embarrassment.  He was innocent of any kind of wrongdoing that would have justified her divorcing him.  She was faithless and could not be trusted.  It was a lack in her soul.  In an older idiom, people would say that faithfulness was “just not in her.”  It would not be too much to say that she was treacherous, and we would say this not looking back on her deed but rather looking in on her character.

Revelation 19:11 ascribes two names to Jesus, Faithful and True.  To say that Christ is faithful combines the divine virtues of honesty and love.  If God has promised a thing, will he not make good on it?  (Nu 23:19)  His word is an immutable thing.  Once he has spoken, heaven and earth may pass away, but his word never shall.

And further, God loves his children with a perfect, pure, holy, and eternal love.  Every human love, no matter how sweet, is tainted by sin and has flecks of evil stirred in.  But God’s love for us seeks only our good, seeks it forever, seeks it with the ardor that is willing to sacrifice the Son for us, and seeks it with a loyalty that can never be dissuaded.  Christ loved us while we were still sinners (Ro 5:8) and gave himself for us foreknowing every transgression we would ever commit.  And having loved his own, he loved them unto the end. (Jn 13:1)

It is a grief for many people in this world that they never have a friend who is faithful.  But Christ Jesus is faithful.  The Bible says to receive him, and he will receive you, and you will discover that he is faithful who has promised never to leave you nor forsake you.

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