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Every now and then…

Every now and then, take a moment to thank God for something.

If you can smell your dinner, and if it smells good, yeah… that.  Thank him for that.

I knew a kid who got a brain tumor, and it ruined her sense of smell.  The most delicious things stank to her, made her gag.  Thank God if yeast bread baking still smells good to you.  Thank him when you drive by the Burger King and they’ve got that fat smoking thing going on, and it smells so good.  Thank God for good smells, and do that especially when something else about life stinks.

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  1. I forget who said it now, but it was one of the Desert Fathers speaking on prayer… [paraphrase] ‘if only we may have a prayer of thanksgiving to our Creator, that will be enough..’

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