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A guy you might wish to learn more about

Jason Sager is running for Congress as a conservative GOP candidate.  His candidacy interests me because of what he professes was his motivation for getting involved in politics.  He spent time learning about the law and the Constitution, he said in an interview on WSKY 97.3.  He now does something I find rare and refreshing.  He speaks as if it matters whether the Congress has the authority under the Constitution to do things like ObamaCare.

Well, it certainly does matter.  And I’ll be paying closer attention to Mr. Sager as November approaches.  As I’ve said before, I want a congressman who will reassert constitutional rule in Washington or die trying.  Here’s hoping Mr. Sager is our man for that.

Check him out here.

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  1. Dad

    I obtained an absentee ballot and have already voted for Mr Sager. Interestingly, the local rag just ran a picture of him in a Che Guevera costume holding up a “communist for Kerry” sign while at a John Kerry rally during his campaign against “W”.

    We could us a few radicals on our side but this kind of activity may backfire.

    Posted on 12-Aug-10 at 15:29 pm | Permalink

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