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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Keeping track of times and seasons (Hebrews 8)


One of the big divisions in the world of evangelicals concerns the law of Moses and how it should be regarded.  Those who follow a branch of theology called “Covenant Theology” tend to regard the advent of the New Testament as a bumpless glide forward in the progress of revelation.  The more forceful proponents of […]

King of Righteousness


The Hebrew writer compares Christ to Melchizedek, the ancient priest identified in Genesis 14.  Melchizedek is the King of Righteousness and the King of Salem, which is the King of Peace. In the field of mathematics there are certain basic truths called axioms.  An axiom is a truth so basic that it cannot be derived […]

Speed limit


In Florida there is no messing around with speed.  The limit is 13, not 14.

Just asking


Work with me here.  Suppose it’s 1942, and many Japanese still worshipped Emperor Hirohito as a god.  And suppose the Japanese decided to open up a temple of Hirohito worship a couple of blocks from Pearl Harbor — in the name of religious understanding, of course. Do you suppose America would have allowed that?  Would […]

Faithful and true


I knew a friend who was betrayed by his wife.  The phrase found in the Bible is that she had “done him shame;” that is, she committed sin that wrecked his life and brought him embarrassment.  He was innocent of any kind of wrongdoing that would have justified her divorcing him.  She was faithless and […]

The Ground Zero mosque, or why we need a Savior


Doug Wilson does a superb job of explaining why America needs a living Savior instead of the menagerie of gods offered by the prevailing secularism.  Islam, in contrast to secularism, makes transcendent claims about its deity.  It does not matter that no actual Allah exists, says Wilson, because secularism’s response is to walk away from […]



Wishes It’s increasingly popular among non-evangelical Christians to say that Zionism equals racism and is therefore just another form of organized evil.  On that basis, they would categorize Israel as an apartheid state to be punished into conformity with the pluralistic West.  If I were to judge Israel on Gospel principles alone, I could almost […]

The borrower becomes servant to the lender


While we’re talking about the debt crisis, I thought you might like to know what our principal creditors are saying about us.  And that would be the Chinese.  They seem to be expecting an equity swap to settle our debts.  The American federal government came into possession of a gigantic pile of stocks with the […]

You owe me…


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the federal deficit grew last month by $165 billion.  That’s billion with a ‘b.’  Dividing the amount by 300 million Americans, give or take, that comes to about $550 for every man, woman, boy, and girl in this U.S. of A. If the Democrat nightmare of borrowing on […]

A guy you might wish to learn more about


Jason Sager is running for Congress as a conservative GOP candidate.  His candidacy interests me because of what he professes was his motivation for getting involved in politics.  He spent time learning about the law and the Constitution, he said in an interview on WSKY 97.3.  He now does something I find rare and refreshing.  […]

Hypothetical case


Suppose a string of terror incidents were committed by the Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist Liberation Front.  Do you think it would take leftists this long to start noticing the identities of the perps?  If the Fundies had bombed a big Planned Parenthood clinic, boasted about it on the internet, and then tried to plant a […]

It is impossible (Hebrews 6)


The phrase, “it is impossible” from Hebrews 6:4 has troubled people of tender conscience since it was first written.  John Bunyan wrote about it in his autobiography Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners.  He wrote as though demons were trying to get him to renounce his faith in Christ, and under the torment he […]

Homosexual judge okays homosexual marriage


Duh. Vaughn Walker, publicly known homosexual and federal judge, ruled in favor of his own personal interests by striking down California’s constitutional definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman.  He obviously should have let a disinterested judge rule on the case.  Did anyone honestly expect good judicial ethics from a guy […]

Every now and then…


Every now and then, take a moment to thank God for something. If you can smell your dinner, and if it smells good, yeah… that.  Thank him for that. I knew a kid who got a brain tumor, and it ruined her sense of smell.  The most delicious things stank to her, made her gag.  […]