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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Pulling the bottom soda can (Hebrews 4)


Occasionally, grocery stores used to make a pyramid of cans in an aisle somewhere as a product display.  The practice has been discontinued because kids loved to cause an avalanche by pulling a can off the bottom.  Marketing failure, yes.  Spiritual lesson, yes.  Nothing is more vital to a structure than its foundation. One of […]

Book burning


In Acts 19:18-19 Luke describes a wave of repentance that overtook some converts at Ephesus.  After receiving the Gospel, a bunch of sorcerers took their books of divination, piled them in the streets, and set them on fire.  The price of the books was a staggering 50,000 pieces of silver. Sorcery was one of the […]

What’s up with the NASA-Moslem thing?


Mr. Obama certainly foresaw the outcry from conservatives when he ordered NASA to begin an outreach to Moslems.  It’s one of those flabbergasting things he does now and then.  It’s a particularly odd mission for NASA since the United States has nothing to gain from a technology sharing arrangement with the Moslem world.  Further, the […]

Christian rest (Hebrews 4)


Much of chapter 4 is occupied with the idea of the Christian’s “rest.”  Matthew Henry believed this is the rest that comes from a covenantal relationship with God through Christ.  In God’s covenant of grace, his people rely not upon their own deeds, but Christ’s, and his righteousness is the ground of their justification before […]

General observation about getting things done… or not


Think about the epoch when the USA could accomplish virtually anything like building the Hoover dam and the Empire State Building and putting the first light-water nuclear power plants on line.  The cultural bias inclined toward achievement.  Men got things done — amazing things. The society of achievers has been replaced by the society of […]

Reasoning without God


It bears repeating that what underlies civilization is not just its wealth or its armies or its political institutions.  It’s the shared belief in an intangible grounding of its ideas about right and wrong.  Christians have, of course, always argued that belief in the true God is a precondition for a stable, just and permanent […]

Glad tidings from the religion which must not be named


You may not recognize the name of Afshan Azad.  She’s the actress who plays Padma Patil in the “Harry Potter” movies.  Azad’s father and brother have been arrested for assaulting her in her home during an argument over her relationship with a Hindu man.  If this were any religion other than Islam, and if Islamic […]

Clarifying things… ouch. (Hebrews 3)


Christians are obliged to be faithful to the Lord.  The writer of Hebrews reminds us of this in nearly every chapter of his letter.  How shall we escape if we neglect this great salvation? he asks early in the letter.  (He 2:3)  Chapter 3 gets to the heart of the issue he’s concerned about, which […]

Observation on the rule of law


The phrase, “rule of law” has become current with this crop of politicans we have.  They like to repeat it but their actions repudiate it.  The rule of law just about always applies to the citizens.  What makes the rule of law legitimate is applying it to the rulers just the same.  Congress normally excludes […]

A bit lower than angels (Hebrews 2)


This is for our friends from the Jehovah’s Witnesses who have been persuaded that Jesus is Michael the archangel. People apparently tried to dissuade the early Jewish Christians from worshiping Jesus by saying that Jesus was an angel.  In a similar way, we know the Gnostics tried to identify Jesus as a demiurge, and this […]