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The Obama administration has halted oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico for several months, long enough to financially destroy many whose livings depend on it.  Now they’re talking about a similar moratorium on lobster fishing, this one for several years, plenty long enough to financially destroy another whole class of Americans.  This comes on the heels of wiping out lots of car dealerships and a concerted (so far unsuccessful) attempt to kill off whole sections of the energy industry.

So far the only people whose livings Mr. Obama would like to destroy are people who actually work at producing and selling things — in other words, the real economy.  No word about a moratorium on bureaucrats issuing rules that obstruct the lives of Americans.  No, the parasitic part of the economy will keep right on going unmolested.

How about we have a moratorium on lawyers filing suits?  Or here’s a good one: how about a moratorium on hanging up new traffic lights?  Or one even better, a moratorium on the feds doing take-overs of anything.

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