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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Send General Joab to Afghanistan


The Bible tells the story of a man named Sheba and his confederates who rebelled against King David (2 Sam 20:1-22).  David’s forces under Joab defeated the rebellion, then Joab went after Sheba personally.  Sheba fled to a distant city called Abel of Beth-maachah with Joab in hot pursuit.  Upon arriving, Joab’s army began battering […]

Did anyone… ANYONE doubt this would happen?


No matter what a law says, no matter what its basis, liberals can always shop a federal judge somewhere who will decree the leftist viewpoint.  That’s what has happened to the Arizona law that makes it illegal to be an illegal alien in Arizona. This judge was first recommended to the feddle bench by Republican […]

0110 – 0110 – 0110, RFID of the Beast


The Bible makes a remarkable prediction about the shape of political and economic matters at the end of the age.  Rev 13:16-18 foretells a time when a government will seek to control all economic activity in the world by setting a mark on each individual.  Participation in commerce of any kind will require having the […]

Civilization without God is unworthy of the name


Peter Hitchens gives an account of what people become when God is expunged from their lives.  Visiting two cities, Moscow under the Soviets and Mogadishu under the Moslems, made him realize the surpassing value of Christianity’s influence on civil society in the West, an influence we are in jeopardy of losing.  Read his excellent article […]

Infancy (Heb 5)


Infants can’t handle much in the way of food.  Milk is about their limit, though they’re very demanding about getting it on time.  They have to grow and mature before they’re ready for steak and french fries. The Hebrew writer calls his audience “babes” because they need to be taught certain doctrines of the Scripture.  […]



The Obama administration has halted oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico for several months, long enough to financially destroy many whose livings depend on it.  Now they’re talking about a similar moratorium on lobster fishing, this one for several years, plenty long enough to financially destroy another whole class of Americans.  This comes on […]

H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009


The Energy Information Administration has reported back to Congress on the economic fallout expected from the energy bill.  Here’s the nuts and bolts: ACESA increases the cost of using energy, which reduces real economic output, reduces purchasing power, and lowers aggregate demand for goods and services. The result is that projected real gross domestic product […]

Huge for solar panels, that is


The Communist Chinese People’s Daily On-Line has published a puff piece about a reportedly “huge” solar voltaic generating station in Shanghai.  They claim it’s the world’s largest of its kind, which is undoubtedly true.  The plant is a mite over 6 MW — roughly 8,000 horsepower if you prefer old fashioned English units.  That’s big […]

Cocaine story


Frank* was divorced and a deputy in a Southern, rural county.  His marital status occasioned an interest in meeting women, and his occupation occasioned the occasion of meeting women.  Not all the women he met were good ones.  By and by he selected Delores from his informal harem of sleazy redneck women, and Frank and […]

Priesthood (Hebrews 5)


Hebrews 5 takes up the priesthood of Jesus Christ.  From the outset it’s clear that priest has a mediatorial function — he goes between us and God on our behalf offering gifts and sacrifices for sins (v1).  The tacit subtext is that a thrice-holy God cannot accept such things directly from sinners and rebels against […]

Thanks for nothing, Switzerland


Accused drugging/raping/pedophile Roman Polanski has been released by the Swiss.  The one consolation is that he will be staying in Europe where one is compelled to suppose that such things are better tolerated.  You have to wonder what the motives of the Swiss might have been.  What is this guy to them?  On the other […]



Islam has constituted itself the mortal enemy of my God, my country, and my liberty.  It has a religious motive which it cannot permanently compromise.  Peace is possible only if they get redeemed or we get conquered.  Placing a mosque at the site of the World Trade Center is an act of conquest celebrating the […]

Holy-gram preaching


A new trend emerging in urban megachurches is preaching via high definition video.  The preacher isn’t actually there.  It may not even be a live video link but a recording made some other time.  The CNN article linked here says some are even using holograms.  The preachers doing this see it as a way to […]

State-run media


Rush Limbaugh has been effectively lampooning the mainstream media for quite a while by referring to them as the “state-run media.”  Now the venerable Wall Street Journal has published a piece from Lee Bollinger, president of Columbia University,  advocating government subsidies for mainstream media. Full disclosure: Bollinger’s bio says he’s a director of the Washington […]

China says another round of recession coming


The People’s Daily says the Shanghai stock market is indicating that a “double dip” recession is now inevitable.  Check it out.  Among their audacious claims is that the Dow follows the Shanghai market.  We’ll know in a few weeks if that’s really so. Regardless, the U.S. economy is sputtering under the threat of massive tax […]