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Let me break this down for you

Here’s the key to understanding any speech or policy initiative from Mr. Obama.  If you possess money, Mr. Obama wants control of it.

That’s it.  Any questions?  No?  Good.

So in total violation of the fifth amendment to the United States Constitution, he puts BP executives on the spot with an unlawful demand that the company forfeit $20 billion into what is sure to become a Democrat slush fund.  There was no due process of law.  Heck, there was no process nor even a law.  We just had the Prez. on TeeVee talking smack about BP, haling them in for a sit-down, and next thing we hear, BP is forking over money.  No doubt BP owes a considerable amount to people harmed by the spill.  But BP wasn’t the only company involved.  Where are Haliburton and Transocean in all this, and why weren’t they targeted in the President’s shakedown?  And what would be wrong with having a trial where we figure out who’s to blame, to what extent, and then let plaintiffs publicly prove what they’re entitled to get?

And then we get the energy bill part of the speech.  He’s going to make wind power profitable, he says.  No he’s not, says I.  He’s just going to take money from energy industries that are actually profitable and hand it over to the money-losing Captains of Subsidy in the green gadget business.  We’re also going to confiscate paintings from people who can draw and give them to people who cannot so they can call themselves artists and make a decent living.  And we’re going to equip fast runners with lead boots so fat people can keep up with them, and we’re going to administer concussions to smart people so idiots can compete with them at Scrabble.

Welcome to the world of our first Marxist president.  I hope you like it.  There’s more to come.

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